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These are the K2 Front Street. They cost around $200 US. They’re the original soft boot skate, and are the great grandchild of the K2 Fatty, the classic aggressive skate from the late 90s. They’re UFS and come with K2 Unnatural frames including 8 58mm wheels and ABEC 5 bearings. The frame hardware can support […]

to win a pair of GBOOTS: 1- follow my instagram: http://www.instagram.com/ricardolino 2 – subscribe to this channel: http://www.youtube.com/thelinolife 3 – follow G boots instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gboots_official 4 – leave a comment in this video saying why YOU SHOULD BE THE WINNER 5 – the winner will be announced on G BOOTS Instagram . ———————————————————————————————- I got […]

Jake picks out his top 5 off-the-shelf aggressive skates for 2018. What would your top 5 be? Comment below or click the poll at 04:19 on the vid. You can read more about each skate in the video here: Them Skates: https://www.locoskates.com/them-skates/c420 Razor Cream Skates: https://www.locoskates.com/razors-cream-2017-skates/p4418 Roces M12 skates: https://www.locoskates.com/roces-skates/c288 Gawds skates: https://www.locoskates.com/gawds/c418 Razor Shift […]

After making a video about the use of skates from brands not operating in 2018, a lot of the viewers didn’t like what I said in that video and commented a lot. I took that feedback and decided to try the skates with different, frames, wheels and liners, and if you wanna know my opinion, […]

From the second episode of Gear Talk, we talk about the best padding you should get for aggressive inline skating. * Gear Mentioned in this Video * G-Form Knee-shin pads: https://amzn.to/2H2oIxp Ennui Wrist Guards: https://www.intuitionskate.com/products/ennui-city-brace-ii Triple 8 Helmet: https://amzn.to/2EIspmK * Support Back to Blading * http://BackToBlading.com/support Note: We are a participant in the Amazon Services […]

Took The 2018 Roces m12 skates for a ride and here’s my opinions: Roces is making a come back in the Aggressive inline skating industry, they now have a killer pro team with Joe Atkinson and Nils Jansons and they are both skating the new white M12 skates, but are they any good? In this […]

What should you know before you buy your first pair of aggressive inline skates? Watch this guide to get a good overview of the most important things that will ensure you the best trick skates so you can make your favorite stunts. A beginner’s buying guide taking a quick look at the following topics. 00:24: […]

The USD VII Team Aggressive Skates are the newest installment in USD’s Team series. Originally an entry level skate design, USD improved the liner and shell enough that the USD AM and PRO Teams began to use it as their flow skates. Simple construction signifies this workhorse of a skate, but basic it is not. […]

The USD Throne EVO Aggressive Skates are a modified style of the Classic Throne skates that feature extended soul plates, enhancing lock-in potential and providing more sliding surface throughout the boot. A great choice for Classic Throne lovers, skaters that are looking to start out with aggressive skating, or skaters coming over from other boot […]

Jake from LocoSkates takes us through the very basics of choosing your first set of Aggressive skates. A beginners guide to buying skates for tricks, stunts and aggressive skating in skateparks and on street. See our full range of Aggressive skates: http://www.locoskates.com/aggressive-skates/c192 Apologies, we can’t answer all your questions in the comments thread. Please direct […]

The Remz HR1.3 Aggressive Boots are back for 2013 with minor improvements on an already stellar skate featured in black with tan and orange highlights. Remz’s ‘true-balance’ boot has an adjusted location of the frame that eliminates the outwards bending of the skates. This gives a more balanced and comfortable position while skating. Chris Haffey […]

The USD Aeon 72 Aggressive Powerblading Inline Skates are revolutionary in design using the first Unibody constructed skate. This design combines the shell, soulplate and frame as all one piece, making this skate lighter, lower and more balance then separated boot pieces. This feature gives the ability to recess the wheel further up into the […]