Windsurfing Footstraps Explained – All that you ever wanted to know about footstraps

The truth about footstraps:
0:00 Intro
0:34 Dakine Contour 144g
1:18 Starboard 116g
2:50 Drake 139g
5:53 Fanatic 129g / 121g
7:37 Neilpryde 123g
8:27 MFC Maui Fin Company 138g
10:38 JP Australia 158g
12:06 Dakine Primo 147g
13:09 Custom 177g + Comfort Tips
16:18 Settings and Tips
Anti-twist trick video:


fredkroft says:

Regarding foot strap tuning (@18:30). I am confused about strap orientation. Is the “part that goes under” positioned forward for all straps ?, or is each asymmetrical strap orientated to fit each foot’s asymmetry ?. When you introduced the section that feet are asymmetrical and so are feet that made sense. but then you confused me when you discussed that lower part of each strap is orientated forward and the upper part of each strap orientated aft (for all straps). Because, these two configurations are not equal (the later will produce a nonconforming front foot strap for one of the tacks). Could you please clarify ?. Excellent/polished video by the way. Well done mate 🙂

Arjuna says:

It’d have been nice if you included the tricktionary straps!

zytigon says:

Have you ever thought that footstraps should have a safety binding thing like on skis ? Steven Van Broeckhoven recently fractured his ankle doing a stunt. I suppose it would be really difficult to find a setting where the strap didn’t give way too easily. If the velcro was only overlapped by a couple of centimetres it might give under too much strain.  The footstraps I’ve seen have velcro overlap by 10cm which would never break = too strong

Dionysios Sarris says:

Hi, has anyone managed to find JP Australia spare footstraps (without the board) in Europe?

Brian L says:

Very helpfu thanks

Surfer7901 says:

Really interesting and helpful. JP and Dakine take NOTE! You can do better still..

DrSin Vila says:

Good comparative analysis!

tantricsurfer says:

very nice video, thanks. Which trim do you suggest to help putting the back foot into the strap in switch stance? It’s somehow difficult for me

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