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In this video, I share my top 5 favorite longboard tricks. Thank you for watching!

Floppy Circus – Better Days to Come
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No name Boy says:

A longboard is for cruising not to do tricks btw. That’s what skateboards are for.



Becky Laroza says:

my favorite is the ghost ride its so hard

Reasonable Cheff says:

Um, what’s the point of having longboarding tricks that dont help you get around?

Amanda says:

At first I was like holy shit long boarding is hella scary I cant do this especially since I didn’t see as many girls doing it but once I saw this video of you riding and doing tricks I think i’ll do fine,

stoneman289 says:

That takie no comply bigspin looked sick!

Eivinas Sotskovas says:

I need a new longboard it’s so hard to do tricks without kicktails , but it’s manageable , nice vid tho !

Ho kan Tsang says:

How long have you play

sonboy24 says:

How much does your board weigh?

irriterendenavn says:

nice tricks and nice shorts

Balzac308 Misfit138 says:

Sick video!!!

Igor Tylman says:

You are beautiful !

Cristhian Carmesi says:

You are beautiful !

Katzen Hai says:

I like Number 5 much

Shadley Joanis says:

Your board is wayyyy lighter than mine, i never see anyone try to do tricks with a heavy boars

Dhio H says:

you forget one trick : aaa you riding me and shaking my stick 🙂

Sam __ says:

Smh, tiger claws, bear claws are much more delicious donuts

Brendan Nguyen says:

My longboard is too heavy

No u says:

Im just curious, what is your nationality?

Luiz Castillo says:

what longboad should i buy? i want to go fast on roads and i want a not so heavy longboard

creative profile name says:

How much did you pay for your board/wheels/trucks ect

ante canic says:

Can your lil bro in background in garage do some tricks on his scooter

matt wolf says:

Nice you are so good

Kuba Kiedrowicz says:

Nice ass

Doctor Maxi says:

Can you do an ollie on that board?

olivia sang says:

I have a 38″ long air walk which is heavy af! I can only do a trick or 2. Nice video Natalie, gonna try and learn these. ❤️

Ajbali Maker says:

I love you

Mia Carman says:

I only know how to do a crossover,180,and Peter Pan but I did just start

John John Arcilla says:


Diego Español says:

Now im feel inlove

Brendan Nguyen says:

But excellent video

Tim Zanker says:

Chicks that ride board “wifey material “

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