SwellTech SurfSkate: How To Ride

Here is a couple tips on how to get started with your SurfSkate


Richard says:

which model is best for a tall rider?? I’m 6’3″ and 206 lbs….

Digue Braga says:

I’m 5’10” and looking to get one, in terms of surfing feel & performance between the Premiere version VS J’OBrian which one do you recommend? Thanks in advance @surfskateindustries

Collin Emery says:

How does it work on flat ground?

Standsalone says:

Can these handle rough roads or any rocks? I have a dancer but I can run over everything. Does it jerk the front truck and throw you?

eightsmileys says:

Got the board lately…it absolutely is “WOWmsaasing”…great workout, as close to surf feel as possible which helped my surfing technique as there is time to practice plus if you are a front footer surfer, SUPer the front truck will twist 90 degrees…this “teaches” you how to use more the back foot and turns any SurFace into a FunFace!

A little video i made and soon we will make a drone surfskate video 🙂


Paulo Bibiano Junior says:

Would the surfskate help to improve surfing?

Lucas Donovan says:

Do you have any tips on frontside 360s, Or is the technique the same?

Adam Stewart says:

Cause it doesn’t handle like a normal board what’s the best way to stop

Michael Garcia says:

Do you like ripstiking but like having a secure skateboard feel when going places, this thing is for you. This is awesome. Also you can go uphill and carve like a maniac. What a invention.

Mabusesato says:

were can i buy it?

Joel Belo says:


Bradley Kay says:

Man if u wanna learn watch dogtown and z boys

caio mauricio says:

Holy moly i need one like this.

Difeas says:

Neat. I want one.

Yannik Klein says:

I have one of your boards and i am really happy with it! But i don´t know why you dont do a video every 1-3 month :/ have you sold enough and don´t need any advertising anymore ? 😀

Giovanni Massa says:

Which is the lettering in blue used in the beginning of the video?

Anthony Chua says:

What is the common way to brake on a surfskate?

fuelbasti says:

Is it really different to a carver skateboard?

Brad Armitage says:

This looks cool

Isabel barcelo says:

For a better surf feeling which one do you recommend me; premiere or Jamie o briens surfskate? (I’m 16 and 1,65 of height if that helps)

MajesticEagle says:

does your weight change the riding quality

lphchld says:

Was this shot in Orange County? This scenery looks so familiar. Also, board looks super sick!

Adrian Aguilar says:

What board was used?

Nomad Duo Movement says:

Awesome!! We love surfskating!

Gabriel Leite says:

What’s Song??

Alberto Estrada says:

thanks for the gay ingo

Pedro Santos says:

best sk8borad in existence

Soph Jane says:

This is really helpful

Adrian Au says:

Is riding uphill harder on this compared to a regular skateboard?

Pepouze says:

Laguna Beach?

Laurent says:

Je kiff l’anglais c’st pas possible

Anton Neundorfer says:

how hard is it to learn for a relativley new surfer and skateboarder?

JaxBeach2NewportBch says:

Rode this for 2 miles without one push. When the dude Colin says “im gonna use my upper body…” In the beginning, he is going uphill. This is an absolute gamechanger!

Giulio b says:

Where I buy this?

spindext says:

How does this compare to carver?

Giovanni Massa says:

Which font did you use for the titles in the beginning??

Bob Skihoden says:

do a kickflip!

VAN LE says:

is this Surfskate same as the crusing skate broad? for keeping the furkskate going, do you have to turning every time, or just pushing or the skate to move?

shen nung says:

what size does Collin ride? im 5’10 what size is best for me?

luke ridgard says:

i find it really wobbly when trying to do big carves, any tips?

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