Five slalom runs with Louis Ricard, for Fullbag skates, in the suburbs of Quebec City.

Fullbag Louis Ricard SL
Zigzag 70mm 86a & 83a
Radikal Dragons Claw & Wing

Camera was also done by Félix Boulanger.


David .Candler says:

so fast…. if i tried this I would be a cone death machine

scrabbledmind says:

FullBag Beiibe=)

Brad Ratay says:


Toni Conte says:

I thought he was gonna do a toe side predrift their at the end

Tim Ashelford says:

oooh ahhh loui ricarrrd

Michael Halim says:

i’m currently using fullbag louis ricard n it feels great, n it’s easy to pump as well, just a beginner point of view 🙂 they said shorther wheel base is easier to pump but harder to maintain speed.. Tracker trucks r recommended for beginners as well, in terms of stability, i believe riding it more will help u build a stronger ankle therefore more stability 😀

Pierre Gravel says:

Excellent video les Fulbaggers!

pretzil16 says:

no wheelbite?

SVK says:

how much does louis weigh?

Anti-Pig Farm says:

I have a question to you slalom guys. Why is a TKP truck better than an RKP truck for slalom. (Im assuming it is cause practically ever slalom rider has TKP)

Noah says:

i tried to reply to the comment below, but my computer’s being wierd, but what are the benefits to a tkp truck such as a gog homer to an rkp truck such as a radikal dragon claw?

Cam urrutia says:

Demoler demoler la estación de tren, tatatatatatyayayaya ♫

Ben Keymer says:

Love my Louis Ricard pro model!

GotLongboardsMuch says:

why have two different wheel duros?

Pitts McGee says:

Sick! Good to see someone keeping Slalom going and looking good!

Aitor thanelines says:

Very nice

bernhardjeffrey says:

Freakin hot soundtrack! What is it?

tzim says:

Would this be GS, HS or what?

John Bouwers says:

i can do this 😀 but theres no cones…. just….speed wobbles…..

Matt Allen says:

it makes you slightly less stable but most of it’s psychological. 90% of speed wobbles are caused by not having confidence in your self or your setup

bernhardjeffrey says:



Neil Orta says:

Very nice video, makes me want to run out a run some cones…..wait…roads are still sanded, damn winter!

tokay999 says:

where can i buy trucks like those ?

Lawson Howie says:

hey wanna get a slalom deck and trucks what would you recommend for a beginner oh and i am going to be doing downhill so stable truck, Thank You

Matt Allen says:

any tips for setting up courses?

tzim says:

@FullbagSkates Thanks. Your riding is stylin’ my friend.

Sora Noize says:


Jai says:

Do you use risers?

Nikki Razos says:

does having a shorter axle on your truck mean its more likely to get speed wobbles or no?

ChibaCityBlues says:

Slalom is not dead. It just smells funny. 😉

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