Skateboarder Tries Mountainboarding

The Dogz have always dreamed of taring the gravel roads that meander down from Table mountain and Signal hill. Getting permission seems to be the hardest part. So with the thought of that, Decio could not contain his excitement to try these roads. It took him a while to lock down a board but thanks to Ricki who was more than glad to trade this death machine for some G-Dogz merch.

On Decio’s first run ever on the mountain board he broke the foot-strap so we had to go back and repair it, once that was sorted we realized the straps were the main reason for eating so much dirt! after taking them off we manged to get our feet in the right position to execute the drifts better.
This was our Recce version so for next time its going to be bigger, badder and definitely better!
MUSIC : Shlow Motion 1 – David Bjoerk.



Hit some dirt jumps, I’m a mountainboarder turned skateboarder, and dirt jumps/slopestyle is where it’s at!

0Zolrender0 says:

What a learning curve. The funny thing is you are going slower yet wearing more gear. If you hit the tar at 100+kph its going to really hurt with no gear like yiou normally wear. Why gear up so well for an off road event where speeds are way less? It seems perplexing.

darkgift06 says:

OUCH! you just got served by that board….. Cheers to you for stepping out of your comfort zone and going for it!

LachlanBreheny says:

NOOo what happened to that video where its like, your skateboarders, i dont like skateboarders, you dont have brakes. and the last clip is at night, on a double lane road. so good

Sam Radtke says:

Takes bindings off lol

Apu889 says:


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