Shredding Breck on the Donek Knapton Twin

Ok, maybe “shredding” is a bit of an overstatement but I still had fun. It’s amazing how larger, wider runs at the bigger resorts like Keystone and Breck lend themselves to doing a little more than the steeper / tighter runs of Loveland or A Basin (nothing against them). On the steeps I did some skidded turns with a bit higher speeds and on the mellow stuff I worked some tighter / slower turns and even worked some carves back up the hill.

Good times had by all! Must avoid all resorts during Thanksgiving and the weekend. No thanks on the crowds.

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T 25 says:

I’m def not a snowboard except

I just noticed it looks like you death grip your steering wheel. Sometimes I sense your body position looks tense or off balance. Thought mb they two were related. Like I said no expert at riding you’re probably way better than I am, but I know my way behind a wheel and so I hope you take my criticism constructively!

Josh Archer says:

Looking good nice progress! Just curious what did you ride before? Does the Donek make a major difference?

ellstacker adventures says:

It’s funny cause ur his twin lol

Sunny D’awg says:

Toeside carve is looking great!!

Ryan Knapton says:

The carve is coming along nicely! Qapla’!

Kimberly Watson says:

More forward lean! Hehe

b wooten says:

Your knee drops are looking great man! Way to turn!

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