Sector 9 Slalom 69mm Top Shelf 9 Ball Longboard Skateboard Wheels Review –

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Stephen Chen says:

Would these wheels fit okay on my sector 9 aev deck with mission 1 trucks? Looking for something to handle higher speeds and be smooth on roads with tiny bumps.

Isaac Pham says:

So are these good for sliding? I really want to start doing some major slides, but these feel really grippy. : pls halp

NNXGen says:

Those are nice

Hvac tech says:

I don’t get it. So are all wheels built for sliding? I want the total opposite with maximum grip and so slippery feel. I thought these were only built for grip since they have a wide contact patch and are much softer.

Northern Kai says:

BULL SHIT . I would not recommend these wheels for sliding. I have them on my sector 9 sentinel

Mememan says:

I have these and to be honest I like the sound they make they aren’t quiet they are super loud FYI just break them in and they slide really nice idk about high speeds and slides with these idk if I should try it

Fernando Gomez says:

I have these but since there rubber I don’t think I should slide in these. Probably gonna break my neck.

poopoopoo194 says:

hey isaac Pham to answer your question no they are one of the worst for sliding they are meant for a super soft squishy non bumpy cruiser type ride

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