Pump-Kin Till ya Puke Giant Slalom

A look-back at a very festive halloween even put on by Ambassador Paul Kent. The puke is slippery!…hehehe

Film/Edit: Jonathan Douglas
Music: Monster Mash by Bobby Boris Picket


Nick Ivanoff says:


Pedro Cunial says:

Anakin vs. Bobba Fett

Mac says:

but paul is in Morocco!

xxBigfoot38xx says:


Casey Guay says:

Little late on halloween but still great fun and great song!

David Gardner says:

@SaucyCrackers you missed 3 to 9…

Mike Ronzitti says:

120th and 5th like

Ben Holysh says:


Connor Cox says:

u only missed halloween by 2 months

syncha G says:

@kewlcatt no he isnt haha, tehy dont film and upload as soon as they do it he was in morroco like last year or somethin lol

Alex Sullivan says:


Mac says:

@HeyBro85 dude, joke

Nicolas says:

Any chance you guys can tell me where this hill is?

Jake Killeen says:

i thot it said pump-kin till ya puke giant salmon at first haha i was like wtf

Juiced On says:

This is the only time I would want original trucks.

illiniLB says:

Oh canadians….

VinnyDizzle says:

Paul Kent signed my Rayne Demonseed “My boyfriend could totally beat up your boyfriend. Drink OJ.”

David Gardner says:

10 facts about you
1.You are reading this coment
2.You are realizing that this is a stupid fact
4.You didn’t notice that i skiped three
5 your checking now
6.Your smiling
7.You are still reading my comment
9.You didn’t realize i skipped eight
10.You’re checking again and smiling about ho you fell for it again!
11.You’re enjoying this 12. You didn’t realize there are only supposed to be 10 facts.post this to one video and tommorow will be the best day ever

VpVanja says:

Looks so fun!!!

saibot pannekuche says:

scary person at 2:34 … and before

SaucyCrackers says:


10 facts about you

1. Go fuck yourself
2. refer to #1
10. My work here is done

roly4642 says:

Paul Kent!!! why u know making more morrocco episodes!!!

Caleb Hoffman says:

@kewlcatt they recorded the longtreks like a year ago

bosoxx091 says:

who’s the guy in the white fullface he shredss

ExquisiteTurtle says:

awesome 🙂

Tristan Burke says:

as someone who ate it really hard thinking sliding into a pumpkin was a great idea, i don’t support this event. regardless, it looks fun as hell and i wish i could have been there hahaha

Tom Bergman says:

I don’t care about any of this, WHERE DID THAT GUY GET THAT AWESOME DRAGON/CROC suit ?!

HaileyG says:

Too bad my longboard is stuck in my room for the winter. 🙁 oh Michigan..

Bo Hrubes says:

that was steeeeeeeeeeeeezy sliding down that slanted wall!

Sam Shelley says:

@kewlcatt Nah mane they went to Morocco in 2009 they just take ages to edit and create the videos

KjWa13 says:

haha soooo sweet paul is the man

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