Penny Nickel 27″ Mini Skateboard / Longboard –

Penny Nickel 27″ Mini Longobard Complete:

Your one stop shop for longboards –

These boards are long lasting, covered by a great warranty, and ultra fun! The Penny boards are designed and built to look good, perform well, and have you fall back in love with the retro, plastic skateboard revolution.

Rider: Oscar Maturana

Film and Edit: TréCreative –

Music Credit: Washed Out — New Theory (RAC Mix)


Victor Ferreira says:

ola meu nome e marcos moro em pernambuco em recife cars sou pobre não tenho condição meu sonho e ter um penny curto muinto teria como vc me dar um iria me fazer feliz obg por ler.

HIT GIRL says:

he is awesome!

Hudaa Maudarbux says:

plzz guys help me
I will soon buy my first skateboard and I am confused.what should I buy a penny or a normal skateboard..

1412 Kid says:

Penny nickel có khác gì loại penny thường ko anh

LaPieuvre Optimale says:

I love the narrators voice

YES SIR says:

Hey, im 14 years old and I have 6.5 us size for my legs. I really dont know if i should get the 27 or 22 inch

Jack Sparrow says:

this video is so beautiful

ThiagoFx - Edições/Design says:

Break Easy?

Red says:

How do you turn? Its so hard!

That'stheway Ms.J says:

That guy is awesome!

Laila's Life says:

I got a globe galaxy penny board
My friend has the penny nickel in blue

Ethan Gonzalez says:

u can hear how smooth it is.

Liyuan Cheong says:

I love this video. I got the sunset skateboard and removed the magnets from the wheel center. Much easier. I wish I got the penny nickel instead though.

17Писатель28 AG says:

Русские есть?))

Zockacktiv says:

I have also a minni board

17Писатель28 AG says:


Demon Gaming says:

Does griptape are really necessary for a nickel board ???

Bamboss2017 says:

The best video ever!!

Shaggy VEVO says:

this video relax me i love so much

Laila's Life says:

I got a globe galaxy penny board
My friend has the penny nickel in blue

dinero facil says:

Penny nickel or penny 22? witch is better? faster?

Cristina Espinoza says:

Hello I need help. I’m going to get a penny but I don’t know which size should I get. I’m 16 years old (5’5) and my foot size is 8 (us women) I know how to skateboard but the thing is that I want to know if the 22 can do the same tricks as the 27?
(I really want the 22 but I don’t know. .please help)

Raul Juárez says:

This video makes me in love with penny nickel

Adam Torzsok Music says:

This guy’s riding style is so fresh, that finger flip 360 was so tough dude

Savten says:

Did he just say the nickel back?

aidan dooley says:

they scary as hell to ride

AMV says:

Awesome video !

Veera Prakash says:

May not know it’s weight limit?

Whatever says:

Dude, so late. I dunno which penny board I should buy, Im a girl, 14 years old, 4,11 (yes a midget.) Shoe size is 5 and a half. I wanna do tricks and some ollies, but penny’s are easiee to travel with? Help a fam out man.


Should i Buy griptape for my Nickel ??

Debora Melian says:


Crome267 says:

nice riding fam

Mr. Señor says:

a “mini longboard” isn’t a longboard, to be a longboard it has to be longer than a popsicle stick deck, not shorter, that’s called a cruiser

phildev says:

this marketing… It really sounds like the company is from the 70´s ….. and all the other companys just sell knockoffs…. well played since forever ;))… or was it 2010 :PPP

João Paulo Pacheco #ConTv #Bolsonaro2018 says:


Katherine Spinola says:

what are the dimensions of the penny ?

Station Aisance says:

what’s the song plz ?

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