Penny board tricks for beginners

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Some easy Penny board tricks for beginners so you can look cool and stylish when your penny board cruising. Some of these tricks you can do stationary or penny boarding downhill skating.

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Filmed with the GoPro 4 silver at 1080p (HD)

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But it’s a cruiser …..

bruh bruh says:

keep it up bro this really help me

Manou says:

The first one is the tic tac

马爷 says:

looks like banana boards are for kids

Dot says:

Kid cant skate for shit

AuthenticWolfy says:

There all just stuff you do on accident and say hey I can do that

derpyPony says:

flip flop my ass nigga

Defiled Snapdragon says:

Lol I tried to do the 180 and did a 360 then fell off

Justin Santos says:

This is magic. My level has increased to over 9000!

Clorox Bleach says:

switch = 180 hippy jump ._.

moreFletchie says:

Nice video bro! Helped me improve with my Skateboarding! 🙂

PandersPlays says:

Penny boards are cruisers……

TheRedGamer 619 says:

Your penny board is Bending

Ernestas Gaming says:

Thank dude it really helped thx

Lourdelle Arabe says:

It really help me but i dont have some but it helps

Biscuit San says:

No reverts? Not even a Manuel?!?!? Lamest shit I have ever seen!

asdFRap says:

None of these were tricks

nicholas verdugo says:

Well this is fuckin gay

Caleb Vreeland says:

easily the gayest video ive ever watched

Mycatis42 says:


AuthenticWolfy says:

You can’t even do your own tricks

Liam Shawn Clark says:

not really tricks but helps for starting to use a penny . btw any one ride barefoot like me ?

july art says:

thanks you

jasper finn says:

I’ve got that penny board

Kane Tone says:

Thanks bro! It helped me a lot!!

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