PANTHEON LONGBOARDS – 2017 Genesis Review

Damn near since the beginning of my personal journey on a longboard, I’ve been riding top mount pumpers as a means of self propelled ambulation on a skateboard. Ambulation through undulation!

Top mount pumpers are like big slalom boards. If a slalom board is a Mini Cooper, the top mount pumper is a Mack Truck, made for traversing large distances with a larger turning radius. Those undulations turn into much more power over a longer wheelbase, and flex is incorporated into the deck for energy return and FUN. The top mount pumper was the beginning of “LDP”, when the P simply stood for Pumping. Long distance pumping. And this is an important distinction, because you can ride a slalom board all of about 50 meters before you’re going to be tired, if you’re riding on flat ground. Too much energy goes into acceleration. On a longer wheelbase with the exact same truck setup, 8 to 12 to 15 miles per hour can be held comfortably without over-exertion, as the “gear” defined by wheelbase, angles, and bushings, can be honed and optimized for such speeds. Skateboard pumpers historically and notoriously are tinkerers, and you will want to tinker with your own to optimize your deck for your style. The Genesis is a wood version of a LDPumper, a board which is often times incorporated with fiberglass. Though fiberglass is certainly a high performing material, much performance can be honed through proper wood shaping and finishing at a fraction of the material cost.

That’s essentially the purpose of the PANTHEON Genesis. Spending $400+ on an LDP setup is an intimidating endeavour–something that people should not have to do in order to get involved in one of the most fun and active forms of skateboarding out there–and I wanted to create a board that felt as carefree as possible. I wanted to take all that I have learned throughout my years of skateboard building and wood bending, and apply it to this simple deck in an effective way. And of course slap some gorgeous Pantheon graphics on it! So there you have it. The Genesis is ready to get surfy and sexy and follow your feet into air-humping heaven! If that doesn’t make sense, just watch the video below.

We are offering this deck in three flexes, and we are MAKING THEM TO ORDER, meaning it will take a week or two to have the deck in a box and on its way to you. LDP is fairly niche, and we know this, so we’re not trying to bog ourselves down with a bunch of highly specific boards we can’t sell. If you’re a shop, we’ll make these to order for you too!

Length – 39 3/4″
Wheelbase – 27 3/4″ – 32 1/4″
Width – 10″ middle, 9 3/4″ front bolts
Concave – Variable with camber. Near flat center flex point.

Flex Options –

Flex 1 – 7 ply maple – 120-170 lbs
Flex 2 – 6 ply maple + 1 ply oak – 140 – 190 lbs
Flex 3 – 8 ply maple – 160 – 210 lbs
Flex 4 – 7 ply maple + 1 ply oak – 180 – 230 lbs


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