Longboarding 101 – How to Push and Carve on a Longboard

In this episode we walk you through the basics of how to ride a longboard. Spencer Smith explains how to determine your stance, position your feet, pushing best practices, and the basics of carving on your longboard.

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Lanman X7 says:

Subscribe to db skimboards I know the guys

Mai Le says:

Does anyone notice the blush (I’m weird, yeah, bye)

Juan Miguel Incensario says:

Nice video. I just need to put MORE weight on the board than on the pushing foot. Makes a lot more sense now. The balance part is kinda ok, but when you’re 127 kg and a bit fat, balance doesn’t come on a silver platter like most people. Still, I love that I already have a longboard (but with regular trucks T_T) and this will definitely help me in the next few weeks. Thanks man

JoJonah67 says:

I goofy and right footed

HNX Media says:

Your videos are very informative and help a ton. As a super noob long-boarder I am trying to take in all the advice I can. Bought my first board in my mid 40s. If I don’t get myself killed, I’ll continue to watch. Thanks and namaste!

lost star says:

great stuff

Angie Derival says:

How can you keep that balance after you push ? Every time I push I can’t seem to separate my feet and face it the other direction? Help?

James Howlett says:

yep, shoe bite is scary. and no matter how many time u’ve been skating, it’s like falling, it’s going to happen…

The Decision Navigator says:

loved it. Thanks.

Bagaskara Ariza says:

well if you want to go fast and be stable push it near the deck like real close but dont kick your wheel XD

Brenda Aguilar says:

I keep going to the left whenever I start pushing, I don’t know what’s wrong. (It’s me because other friends have used my board and it doesn’t do that) any ideas to fix this?

Dylan Conklin says:

Ya don’t look down I tried I hit a tree branch and flipped over my board

Micah Vincent says:

Anyone can offer me some advice?
Ive been longboarding for about 5 years now, wouldn’t say I’m a pro since I solely use it for commuting, so I’d say I’m pretty proficient at moving from a to b.
My problem, I seem to have ruined something in my foot. Its not the ankle, more like the front of that (when you’re wearing low top sneakers, the top of wear the tongue touches). So when I just raise my toe or when sometimes when I kick, I get this extremely sharp pain.
Does anyone have any idea what my problem is?

Kalli Le says:

Oh I’m regular ur goofy… Just a random fact I just thought of!

Max Rein says:

Hey man don’t tell me where to put my feet! They move all over the board!

Brady Wade says:

Goofy is left

Cookie Ann says:

Really good video.

You seem like a super chill friendly dude. 🙂

Lync says:

Why an anomaly? I know lots of right leading footed ppl

Alexander says:

That t-shirt is epic. Great video.

Ale Los says:

@DB Longboards Do I need a particular truck for carving? or I just need a regular but loose?

Bob Shark says:

Says wear a helmet, *DOESN’T WEAR HELMET*

Alexandros Efthimiou says:

Im goofy with reg stance

unsolitary ! says:

The longboarder Val.

Minerva Cho says:

Spencer, it’s my first time longboarding and your videos helped me out a lot! Thank you so much!

Molly Kimball says:

“maybe there’s a dog !” i shouldn’t be laughing at this so much

Seth Maloney says:

Is this a problem. When I long board I always keep my front foot, the left foot, straight, and I keep my back foot sideways. I never change either, even when I am turning. After I push am I supposed to turn my left foot sideways as well, and then turn it back when I push?

Kairi Noruma says:

What long board are you using

ReviewDykeUSA says:

Anyone have any tips for downhill? I seem to speed wobble all the time

Bah Jinn says:

thx for this m8. very well explained!!

Raptor Katz says:

For real dislikes for helping people

Tanner Smith says:

could prolly ollie his board easy

Matt Bell says:

My long board doesn’t bend at all what can I do and not do?

snoop jek says:

I don’t know why I watch these kook videos

Maam Moos says:

You forgot to say that you will be bullied for pushing mongo

Coderie says:

Omg, a goofy longboarder who makes tutorials thhx god

Hernando Hoyos says:

Hi quick question, i am trying to carve down a small/medium hill on my block. I can get the right to left motion down but it seems like when i push down a little to hard my wheels that are facing down hill start to lift of the ground. I am on a 46-inch pintail board. I put 91a SHR Venom bushings on the front and back. I don’t know my wheel hardness. Could this be happening because the board is so long or too high from the ground?

netbookeater says:

“Turn you’re head. Maybe there’s gravel there, maybe a dog.” haha

Steve says:

Great video! Very encouraging.

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