Lock, Stock and Two Alpine Snowboards (Russian Extreme Slalom)

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Movie Lock, Stock and Two Alpine Snowboards.
Unique competition – Russian Extremecarving Slalom – 2013.
Russia, Yekaterinburg, Ezhovaya – 2013

Видео “Карты, деньги и два жестких сноуборда”
Уникальные соревнования. Впервые в истории сноубординга. Новейшая дисциплина Extreme Slalom.
Россия, Екатеринбург, ГЛЦ Ежовая 2013.

Organizer: http://velvet.pro
Video: Canon 7D + GoPro 3 BlackEdition
Music: The Tempest, Pendulum.

Videographer: Alexander Baskakov (doctor), Alexey Krivenkov
Photographer: Alexey Krivenkov
Riders: Eugene Bogolyubov (Ben), Eugene Tikhmenev (Rey), Zagladyshev Yuri (Z), Omigov Sergey… etc.


Casper Carver says:

Top notch film making and the carvers are superb.

Luccik K says:

Haha!! Good camera work! Makes ezhovaya looks like a really big mountain! =)) Perfect deception =))

Logheuger says:

i sup it …..!!

Dung Khemnag says:

Thailand no snowboards

naruya fujiwara says:

Мне хотелось бы для вас посмотреть на каждую крайность личности резная работа более. Это наступление, и красота выполняется и это чувствует [это ясное и]. 47 лет японских Горных гонщиков

mhueber playlist says:

song at 1:16

박준영 says:


KillerDave55 says:


Daniel K says:

Russian Extreme Slalom should be an event in the Winter Olympics!

Luc says:

Wunderbar! Love it.

lceus says:

Hardcore mode: 
*No helmets
*No capes
*Razer sharp steel 

blackst0ne_ru says:


Matthew Doligon says:

this has to be one of the best videos ever. Pendulum + Euro carving + great filming + amazing people, I need to go to Russia and hangout with these people!

Benjamin K says:

Oh my God. Pendulum, bombers, Russians, this is the best video I have ever seen on Youtube. Pray tell, where in Russia is this? I will get on a plane (from my home in Alaska) and go there this winter to play with you guys on my board!!!!!

Prototheria says:

I dunno… I’ve seen local dudes get lower…

小林宏行 says:


Logheuger says:

die besste Idee snowboarding zu zeigen ! top 5 sterne

Jiany Star Massa vich says:

amazing i love it

Zoltán Kaposi says:

Congrats guys, this short movie is my fav since I saw it first time. Hands up the best alpine boarding movie on youtube ever!

Roberto Enrione says:


d00dmchc says:

Extreme dads

John Lennon says:

Foarte tari tipii

Matthew Wilson says:

Ha! This is awesome.

ratkoperic says:


Jeannie F says:

Who ran the camera to get the shots of them from the front!!?? That’s a brave soul…..

ArguingPizza says:

“You know, snowboarding is cool and all, but you know what would make it better? If I could lay down while I do it.” -a genius

Андрей Назаров says:

круто получилось!!!

Tomi Powertom says:

Ezt csináljuk utánuk……..Én megpróbálom….és te….

タケディ says:


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