Kim Anderssen – Norwegian Nights Longboarding Downhill at 60mph+

GRN TM Rider Kim Anderssen enjoys longboarding at blistering speeds in the middle of the night.

“After a week on a road trip up and down mountains, we stop by Øvre Årdal to check out some of the hills around amazing western Norway. We were lucky as hell! We hit over 100km/h in the middle of the night. Øvre Årdal is a village in the municipality of Årdal in Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway. The road Tindevegen goes from Øvre Årdal, through the Fardalen valley to Turtagrø in Luster municipality. It’s one of the highest elevation roads in Norway and great for high speed runs.” –Kim Anderssen

Kim’s Downhill Set-up: Jet Skateboards Thriller DH 38.3, Liquid 175mm CNC Trucks with 50/50 baseplates, Biltin Bearings, and Abec 11 70mm Reflex ZigZags 77a

Film: Alex Ameen
Edit: Michael Alfuso


Austin Arthur says:

fuck yes. this is how real Longboarding should be portrayed.

Dylan M says:

if I did that I would speed wobble then faceplant

NADS IQ says:

fucking crazy. is there a day or time of night when there are no cars or is it one-way.? otherwise dude’s nuts.

The Lizard King mojo says:

Duuuuude freakin intense hell yeah man feel the rush of the wave of being aluve man hell yeah

Bokeh Skate says:

Rad video! Keep it up!!

Raphael Malta says:

How fast he was?

Elijah Stewart says:

Naughty kids get sent down the naughty hill

A M says:


Kim M. Anderssen says:

the speed was 102km/h 😉

Arthur G says:

Fuck yes! Although, I wouldn’t ride 50 degree base plates haha

Max Pyschik says:

you are dead if a little stone flys in your face :O

ibaf fabi says:

nice video brother 🙂
how if i will buy a long boar ?

Soniphex says:

He’s on the edge of death wobbles every second of this video. The pucker factor is real!

Inline Downhill Vancouver says:

That’s pretty fucking crazy. Great video.

NC-66-1 says:

1:13 fucking raged it!

Luca B says:

Omg, do something with his bushes! He was every time of the Video shortly before the wobble of deaths!

Trashniac says:

OMG!!! 50/50?!!

TheMusketITuckedIt says:

I can’t stop staring at the big ripped hole in the back of his pants, no homo.

LoofyIsBoofy says:


Disa Peterson says:

That was sooooo sketchy, often you can out run woobles but in that speed and that amount, mmmyyyyyyyyyy so extremely scary.

cheezcruncher says:

I pissed my pants atleast 3 times during these 2 minutes. Thanks a lot.

AlbertFloor7 says:

how did you keep yourself standing with that many wobbles. Sick video!

urkling says:

Kim is a fucking slayer! We missed you in Volda, bro!

Lt.Dolphin says:

Dont downhill when its snowy/sleety…highspeed snow crystals in ya face hurt so much

devonte Ayala says:

catching then wobbles

SG downhill longboarding says:

i swear to god this takes dam a lot of years of experience

Alex Jones says:

That was spooky.

Renato Lukas says:

longboard é vida #surfonthefloor

Levan Eradse says:

one of my favourite longboard videos

roald buijs says:

That was crazy. What’s the music?

157dodgers says:

liquids look twitchy as fuck

Ferlin Kee says:

Song please?

Andrzej Figiel says:

hahahaa POlice stop , ej man fast big +++++ radar police hahahhahaa

StevenM801 says:


DokTheEx says:

Nice run !

Alessandro Batista says:

SONG ????

Leon Chatterton says:

He needs to say a psychiatrist.

devonte Ayala says:


Imran Dargahov says:

great video and his trucks are great too

Jinzo says:

this is fun to watch from my nice comfy chair

Crazy Buttboarding Guy says:

balls to the fucking walls eh?

157dodgers says:

liquids look twitchy as fuck

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