This weeks episode teaches you how to PUMP and generate speed out of your carves! Don’t push, don’t walk, just PUMP!

Radical Skateboarding gets hit with some community submissions!

Taz infiltrates Loaded HQ with Justin working the matrix in the safety bunker. Taz encounters an old friend and is left with a hard decision.


Ian Mendez says:

Discover taz pasts

Dalicia Anderson says:

4:03 perfect 🙂

Josefine جوزفين says:

Love your videos! Good job

mokapaige says:

Would you say this feels similar to snowboarding down moguls??

LifetimeAdventure says:

Discover Taz’s past

Felipe Scolfaro says:

If you want to know more about this, since Loaded guys were bitches and didn’t give credit (pointing to the source), head on over to where it all started with pumping a longboard, PAVEDWAVE.

There you will find out about trucks, bushings, wheels, angles, brackets, topmounts vs drop-throughs etc.

Loaded isn’t building any distance specific decks, but most of its lineup IS EXTREMELY PUMPABLE, so no qualms here, but the technical details should’ve been referenced.

javier perez says:

Why The Gobernator is around?? So funny

NeptuneReturnz says:

This video is a good argument for NOT legalising drugs.

misho boshikyov says:

don’t do editing, its sucks

Sjoerd Horstmanshoff says:

you guys are legends

MoD3R says:

I’m having trouble with that kind of carving.

labyrinth cat says:

I’ve rewatched this several times to get this engraved into my brain and 3:19 gets me every time. Lmao. This is seriously the most helpful video for me. Back in the day on Youtube there weren’t that many skate channels that were as good as yours, thanks for making such great content for skaters. Appreciate it. 🙂

HoLDoN4Sec says:

instructions unclear, don’t know how to stop the board. send he…… *CRASH*

hElLo tHeRE says:

What if my feet aren’t big enough for my heel to hang off

NateThePro 86 says:

WTF did I just watch

Gregory Geres says:

the vanguard and icarus sucks. (berfore you guys hate i own both these boards and feel like ive mastered these boards.) its also just my opinion….but i mean the vanguards grip and flatness is its big weak spot. and the icarus has a great mind set but it was poorly executed. its big flaw is its rising point on the sides. but beside those flaws they got some great pluses too.

nonquintessentialone says:

Hahahahaha you’re not getting the full energy out of it. Try using centripetal Force.

F = M*A

people aren’t using this correctly longboarding while pumping. Pumping is all in the hands. Using centripetal Force lol

That pole version of longboard is freaking sweet.

Andreas Rodinger says:

I just love that fckn alien… his serious face.. muhahaha

Cameron Rosario says:

discovery taz’s past

Kadet Abbott says:

discover taz’s past

Hubbs Hendricks says:

I want to see that dogs joke

Aidan Dodge says:

the jesus dude is ducking hilarious

hElLo tHeRE says:

Also my longboard is tapered its the battle axe 35

Cricket USA says:

Where did you guys get the handlebars for the longboard? My little son needs something like that for his board so it will be more like a scooter.

JF Dionne says:

taz past

Stefi Jaadane says:

Taz Past!
Min 4:53 hahahah

George Holmes says:

Taz’s past

Nick Amarit says:

wider trucks = more wheelbite for topmounts

Seth says:

I just bought a Subsonic Pulse 40 board.  It’s a long distance pumping board.  I’ve been riding longboard for a while and now would like to get more into long distance push/pumping.  I got Paris 180mm 50 degree trucks, Otang 83a 72mm wheels and Zealous bearings.  Should I get some wedges for my risers?  If so, what degree?  Should I get some 42 degree baseplates to get my board (my board is a topmount) lower or will the 50 degree be fine?  I will experiment for myself of course, but thought I’d ask for some expert advise.  Thanks!

Storm Rider says:

This was WAY more awesome than I expected. Broke it down in ways other videos failed. Thanks!

Jasper van Loo says:

How to pump 101. Step one: buy a decent pumper, no symmetrical twin tip shit. If you are on budget, you chop the nose of a vanguard and put your fronttruck underneath your front foot. If you own a droptrough board, chop it into a platform (like the loaded phantom prototype) and buy some brackets. Step two: buy a bennett vector 5″ truck to put in front. Step three: buy a tracker rts or randal 125mm truck. Step four: play around with some bushing combo’s and wedging/dewedging your trucks. Step 5: enjoy the ride! To gain and maintain speed, you should force your fronttruck in it’s turn. (Remember how you could propel yourself on rollerskates by pushing your legs to the sides while staying in contact with the ground? Well that is the science of pumping) . You could use your bodyweight to gain some extra momentum as shown in the video.

Legend Airsoft says:

thats a shitty ass intro

BadAssBusDriver says:

Anyone else distracted by the bodybuilding video playing in the background? I mean, they definitely have a pump going on

SinnedNogara says:

Loaded needs to make a pumping board

kevin beitler says:

Add a waterborne skateboard adapter to just about any deck and it will pump like a dream!

hElLo tHeRE says:

Halp me loaded im sorry for my blasphemy to landyachtz but i need help

ⓋJaybuttsⓋ says:

he didnt mention it but bigger wheels help you pump better, I think its cause you are higher off the ground.

JenkemJohannes69 says:

like if u agree

blue Intellect says:

Hey. I was wondering if you guys have a tutorial on how to stop on a longboard?

Arzach Möbius says:

No, just No! to this video.

Century says:

4:30 does it make a difference if you have shark wheels

Y. Readman says:

it took me a min…but those frames…don’t have lenses.

Urban Street Artist says:

thought it said how to jump

Shyguy_tyler says:

These guys are bill nye af

Enrique Azocar says:


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