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Hey guys, what’s up? We’re here to discuss skateboard wheels. Different sizes, shapes and hardness.

Right away, let’s go right to the smallest. This from Spitfire. This is the 50mm. 50mm is the measurement on the wheel, then we’re also going to have a durometer. Durometer is going to tell us the hardness and softness of the wheel.

As far as this wheel’s profile, this is considered a standard street skating profile wheel. When I say profile, I mean the look and feel around the outside of the wheel.

The 50mm being one of the smallest sizes that most shops will carry. I’ve seen these go down to 46. When you get down to that size you’re basically looking at a bearing cover. The bearing goes right in here.

You can imagine that if this were to get smaller, it would just be like a bearing cover.

Another size that is a lot more popular and more commonly used is the 56. The main difference between the two sizes, these are the same hardness. This wheel here is better for technical, low-level skate tricks, not too common with guys really bombing hills or riding in bowls or parks.

But, then again, when it comes to skateboarding, everything is done on anything. So, it is possible but it just hinders a bit.

With the bigger wheel, it is more terrain. Able to go over bigger crevices and nooks and crannies that are in the streets.

When it comes to skate parks, the wheel size sometimes doesn’t matter because the skate parks are just so smooth and perfect.

With the hard wheel too, the benefit that you get is a power slide because the wheel doesn’t have that super grip like a soft wheel. We’ll get into the soft wheels in a second.

Like I said, this 56, 55, 54 is your average skate size. Then, going up, a lot of your bigger skaters, when I say “bigger skaters”, I mean the maneuvers that they are performing. Transition, bowls, prefer a bigger wheel, anywhere from a 57 to a 60mm.

The other thing, also with these, when you are going down large hills, you will be a lot more stable on a bigger, bigger wheel than you would be, say, on this 50mm wheel. You’ll also go much faster with this bigger wheel.

What I was talking about with power slide and gripping, this soft wheel, this is a Schutt wheel, 57mm and an 85a. The 85a is the durometer. 80, 78 is a real soft durometer. And the durometer on the hard wheels is about 95 and over; it goes up to 101 with the Spits and they are extremely hard whereas this one is super soft, a little more cruiser-style, better for entry level. If you’re learning how to push, I highly recommend a soft wheel.

This style of wheel came out because of a lot of kids that liked to film, so it’s a quieter wheel behind the skater as well as a little more stable. So when you’re holding a camera, you are able to maneuver the board a little bit better than you would with the hard wheel.

As far as street setups, you can run this soft wheel. You can even, on your cruiser boards, or maybe a long skateboard, you can run a very large wheel, all the way up into the 60’s and 62mm. This one here, a custom shut deck, Gullwing trucks. This one has the old OJ’s that were brought back. A lot of companies are bringing back some of these cruiser-style wheels as a resurgence in skateboarding.

What I highly recommend is, for the beginner or someone new into it, going with a Filmer style wheel.

With the wheel size, when it comes to this Filmer wheel, for the new person into skating, I highly recommend this 57mm. 57, 58, something under 60. You’ll also have to compensate the wheel size for when you have to step off the board to push, so it will bring your center of gravity lower to the ground so you can get a better push and be more stable while skating.


lastenkoskija :DDD says:


PBJsandwich 7 says:

What type of wheel is good for asphalt?

JoeFlip says:

I rather watch Braille Skate

Jose Moreno says:

I’m new to skateboarding and what would be some good wheels to start off with that aren’t so hard

andrew james says:

So the higher the “a” the harder the wheel

Grantflip says:

wish i saw this a while ago,  i just got 51 mm ,  seems a bit small but there still bigger and should roll way better  then the worn down wheels i currently have

jack storm says:

if you have bigger wheels is it eaiser to rool over cracks?

Jonny Hepworth says:

what is a good soft wheels for about £20

Patrick Star says:

i skate 101 durometer -_-

Tyrone Jones says:

i had a question i am new to sk8ing and i am in the process of creating my own SK8 company how do i go about put my brand on wheels For ex Spit fire

Neil Mcnab says:

I’m new to skating and I would like to skate in the street where it’s a bit rough but I’d like to skate in a park what should I get ?!

Karl trembath says:

what? 56mm us more popular than 50mm? had no idea.

Ben Brunell says:

Does anybody know how soft you can get the durometer on a set of wheels before you lose that screeching sound when you do reverts and powerslides??

John Chronowski says:

I film with a longboard

Glass Eater says:

Guys get Spitfire formula fours Conical Full 101 Duro, they are beast and not too pricey. Size definetely on your preference, I like mine smaller like 51-53 mm

Euridice says:


the punisher 1202 says:

Are rubber wheels good


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coolstephers says:

I have blue cruiser wheels

Buck says:

perfect size for some streetskating some cruising ?

Max Friesner says:

I skate pools and Vert favorite wheels is the 58mm spitfire formula 1 park burner

Kyle Byron says:

New skater here, what would be the best wheels and trucks for skating the street and mainly bowls.. Not bothered about learning tricks just want to really learn how to ride a bowl..

Mark Johanson says:

Would 52mm 85a weeks be good for riding on hard/rough concrete? Also be able to ride smooth on roads?

ChaoticDroidd says:

Guys listen don’t ask what’s good and what isn’t, skateboarding is all about preference I skate pools and ramps and I use 53 mm spitfire it doesn’t matter there aren’t any rules to skateboarding if you like skating what your skating with your set up, KEEP IT just because somebody doesn’t prefer your style doesn’t mean you have to go and change it because your skating your board not anyone else

Nashriq Roslan says:

So if im skating both in street and park what wheels should i get? How many mm and durometer?

Tony Post says:

Hey….I am creating a skateboard and I need help its a
For doing tricks and grinding

Jake G says:

What if I am going to skate skatepark and street

Donovan Fay says:

thank you !!!

AlienButter Skates says:

where can I find those 60mm spitfires?

Pink Fried Memes says:

I want soft wheels, they travel over rough concrete much better.
Which should I buy?

Djordje Pavlovic says:

Hey, guys i like to skate on street and park what kind of wheels should i get??

Erik Jeppson says:

Hey guys I have a baker board with venture trucks 5.0 and I have a 8 inch board what bearings should I get for my spitfire formula four 52mm wheels? Please respond

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