GoPro: From The Eyes of Ted Ligety

Ted Ligety takes you on the fastest run of your life and unveils the mental tenacity that is required to race against the world’s best skiers.

To watch Ted race in the Vail/Beaver Creek 2015 World Alpine Skiing Championships, tune into the Men’s Downhill on NBC this Saturday, February 7 at 2:30 p.m. ET. The races continue through February 15 with coverage on NBC and Universal Sports. For a complete broadcast schedule, please visit

A special thanks to United States Ski & Snowboard Association (USSA) and Universal Sports for their support of this project.

Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from ‪

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Cinderella Syndrome “Tension Drama”


SpiderJ97 says:


Pawelele Films says:

+GoPro how to do title in 1:10 – 1:16 ?

Andrea McGowan says:

You are so cool

nikel Ooo says:

Completely overdone!
One cam from top to bottom and we could actually feel it… A petty!

Vincent During says:

From the crotch of Ted Ligety

bokeflo says:

Gotta Love a Crazy Perspective! Gotta Love GoPro!!

Shane Denherder says:

Why are you guys showing ski race videos?  This stupid shit is single-handedly responsible for retarted snowboard sub-culture, and is the reason I didn’t get into snowsports in the 90’s.  Congrats

william wolfe says:

I honestly don’t know why I’m not a pro. I compete every winter. Been winning for the past 11 years. This shit is nothing but fun to me. I feel like I can impress a lot of people.

Angus Fraser says:

more like, “from the thighs of ted ligety”

dule antic says:


Ben Sadikin says:

That blurred effect is ultra-dope.

Vachagan Balayan says:

aaaaaaaaand speed of light 😀

XzctR says:

So much pathos

GoPro Action Sport says:

Echarle un vistazo a mi canal en el que subo videos muy trabajados con mi GoPro, os lo recomiendo si quieren pasar el rato viendo videos impactantes y divertiros con ellos.

sonny says:

wow!!! that was wonderful good job God bless you.

Live Music Vancouver says:

Unnecessary blurring effect. Ted’s already going warp speed.

SkiBub says:

I’ve actually slipped a course on that exact hill at copper — its their training track, and its STEEP like you wouldn’t believe

samnelso says:

From the eyes – should’ve been wearing some Pivothead glasses, or such.

Adam Hunter says:

I guess ted ligety’s eyes are really blurry and fucked up

Sergey Smirnov says:

1:50 Вид от первого яйца… Ой… лица.. Снято здорово…

Lelekos Youtuber says:

How you make this looks so EASY ?

pndub_live says:

Well if you were here for actual skiing, it starts at 1:30

Nak Attack says:

gameface @ 2:39

how2scuba says:

awesome awesome awesOME

Vachagan Balayan says:

Dont they ever fall while doing this? i dont think one can survive if that happens

Henry Melnik says:

Ski racing is for Jerrys get some powder

Peyton Andrew says:

This was filmed at copper

Tarik Abbas says:

This is crazy! You don’t realise with these athletes going in crazy speeds they are so close to death and injury just to get fastest time. Very impressive!

xoppa09 says:

This is really dangerous. if you fall you could die

mackiwawa says:

“from the chest of” more like

B. Nutzer says:

Not impressive at all. This course has no difficulties, just a highway.

Tobias Rungg says:

Marcel hirscher is THE BEST SKIER IN THE WORLD

GoProductionFr says:

<--click and subscribe you, I'll GoPro videos

jason forster says:

new approch on vids. fcp (first cock view)

Jman_ 5540 says:

01:51 croch cam!

Cunga Lunga says:


Seger says:

Can’t really see that much since most of it is filmed with the scrotum cam…

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