Globe Bantam ST Skateboard Product Review New in the shop the Globe Bantam ST retro skates! 23″ of smooth gliding retro fun! perfect slalom board for cruising around town! not to mention looking rad with all the crazy new designs and colors Globe hooked them up with!


brock mcelroy says:

I have the tropic one

Jeri Ann Ramilo says:

digging that green kona tho.

The Surf Station says:

I haven’t seen one on the long term but I imagine like most skateboards, repeated friction with asphalt will eventually wear the paint away. However, these boards are meant to be cruisers so you probably won’t be doing many board slides with them which means they should keep their paint.


The floral could be called Kim kardashian

Panellope says:

I couldn’t find the grandma couch on the website

Joshua James says:

Im in love with all these boards man

Mexicancamper101 says:

i bought the new bantam st galaxy and the paint on it chips off really easily

Bart Trapson says:

I got the kapow one

The Surf Station says:

The penny is slightly more flexible. Durability, probably about the same although Globe has a better warranty on their trucks.

The Surf Station says:

The Bantam ST is smaller than the original bantams. It is closer to the Penny but yes, stiffer.

Juan's Viral says:

i like the como

gabriel cruz says:

I like the floral one

OK says:

think i might pick up a camo one

Mickey Taeyeon says:

I like the one with falower its just gives the paradise feel for me idk why but it just does. 🙂 and im a guy. Saving up for that.

allypang says:

I like how you guys dont take yourselves too seriously 🙂 Best sales tactic!

Pee Ter Steev Uns says:

nice vid man funny stuff 🙂

theduckster1804 says:

camo all day

Destyni Smith says:

I have the tye die one

Edgar Ruiz says:

can anyone help me, what board is the very first one, the blue one with orange tires. i cant find it anywhere D:

k a t e says:

Is there any difference in riding a penny and the globes?

Luis Reyes says:

Please help

The Surf Station says:

It just depends on preference, especially which one you like the looks of better. The Globes have a lifetime warranty on their trucks so that is a strength over Penny’s 180 day warranty.

Nicole Howell says:

Awesome haha so funny. I just got the grandmas couch one

Morndew Likaaboss says:

i’m probably gonna pick up the new galaxy one 🙂

Think Marco says:

I have the same board but mine has pizza painting on it

jollie Park says:

the gramma’s couch is hot but i really like the galaxy one. though it wasnt shown in the video idk why.

The Surf Station says:

Thanks Allypang, we like to have fun at work 🙂

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