Demonstrative basic techniques on how to ride a longboard.

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Rock! Films says:

Thanks, great info.

John Ray says:

1.25x speed is vital

Vegito_ Blue says:

Thanks Mark! One more video on how to stop with longboards, please.

Chill_Bruhh says:

I really appreciate his vocabulary it makes his video so much easier to listen to.

Ty Fitness23 says:

hey awesome video, I’m a beginner, but what is that type of board called ?

titan1986 says:

really cool video man

Charles Lau says:

great video

Bluebagel64 says:

2:17 Lemmie just try to look at this…*breaks neck

דניאל ס says:

are you high in this video bro?

George Tennant says:

Great video

Irving Canales says:

how tall are you bro? thanks for the video! im a beginner.

Nicholas Sterpone says:

hi Mark
I was just wondering what longboard is yours??

danny greet says:

Hey man! Thanks for the advice

copypastecopypaste says:

how do you suddenly stand on a wall
you sir defy gravity

Lawgin says:

Good vid but stalkers can find where you live be whare XD. your license plate tells me you live in texas, so does your hat. License plate =name name=house location just thought id comment on that.

Jeremy Harris says:

Tony Knows;)

Tay Young says:

I skate goofy on my board. I keep my front foot pointing forward, is that bad? I’m just more comfortable that way because it’s easier to kick off instead of moving my front foot.


how did you get the wheels/tracks to bend so well?

Umar G Rally says:

I just got my first longboard. I’ve been pretty good on balance but I have a problem with the speed wobbles. A buddie of mine told me to tighten the trucks. It helps a little bit, but not much. I noticed the trucks are really loose on yours. Does having loose trucks cause speed wobbling or is it my balance and stance on the board?

Jeremy Lapuz says:

how do ride on that dude ur grip tape is so dirt check out brailleskateboard for how to clean

Colej456 says:

i just got my new longboarding wheels and they are awesome

Brett Foland says:

I haven’t ridden a board since I was a kid and want to pick it back up. Thanks for making this video – good job.

GeLIos _13 says:

what a longboard?

Ty Fitness23 says:


ShadowTBlack says:

What about going up or down a curb? We have a lot of curbs…

bluecow says:

hey mark, i’m new to your channel and was just wondering if weight was a large factor in learning how to longboard or not, as I’m on the larger side and am a bit worried I won’t be agile enough, but I just felt like asking.

Fx Pat says:

Yea nice … so lucky … take a look to me… peace.

En Rique says:

Thx dude it really helped

black guy plays 505 says:

so cool

Ronald Crockett says:

Hey Mark, thanks for the tips! I hope you have or will post some more videos. ˜Ron

P1X3L SN1P3R says:

I got m longboard today I wiped out lol ouch

Shdwstep says:

nice board…how much was it when u brought it?

Machaela Moore says:


pwnayr says:

thanks for the video! make some more!

heck says:

just don’t ride in high heels.

Nay T says:

I bought a 41″ drop-through Atom as my first board. Lots of people suggested it as a beginners board for cruising around. I noticed that to get a decent roll on the wheels I had to loosen the nuts on the wheels slightly. Is this safe to do? They’re not really loose. I just made it so they weren’t all the way tightened.

Elizabeth Bright says:

this really helped thanks

Zippomustang05 says:

Are you blazed

Xinzhi Tang says:

Hi Marks, I have a difficulty to maintain the longboard to go straight. Like when I ride on the board, it alway either turn right or left. Do you have any suggestion for me?

jonathan van havere says:

Thanks mate! 🙂

bentstrider says:

32 years old and just got my first longboard.
Gonna try some of these techniques out and attempt to not break myself too bad!!

Саша Бердашкевич says:

you use a lot of “go ahead”…

Miraclecyber1 says:

DANKE für das tolle Video 🙂
Greetings from Germany

bohdilama says:

Very helpful, thank you.

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