Bart Justin – Tinderife Tour Raw Run

Where will you be when the wobs hit? Follow Bart Justin down a 100kph drop somewhere on the Island; “One of the sendiest runs I ever got recorded, and the footy’s been gathering dust for almost two years now. Trying to get through winter and recovery of a broken ankle, I thought I might finally release it.”.

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Camera: Rasmus Klintrot
Support: The Old Man Amsterdam

Music: Foreigner – Urgent


TokinSmurf says:

What was the top speed on this run? The song fit it so well to

Windows95 Tutorial_ says:

love the 80s vibe! nice job sending it bud

M says:

whoa. this video was this close to being called “Urgent Care”

Aron Rovers says:

My guyy send it!

Kildren HB says:

Nice run with good Music 😀

2112 says:

Sending it!!

Mihael Zadravec says:

Makes me wanna skate…Anyone feels like donating for the plane ticket? Haha!

Nicolas Lang says:

That turn at 3:06 seemed to go on forever. Awesome run.

Tuan Nguyen says:

Sick send

clicking on rocks says:

Anybody whats been stealing our back pockets? Getting sick of my wallet poking out my pants

MrBabza45 says:

Speed ?

Hypesixonenina says:

Dam mad wobbs thru the toe handled it like a boss tho

Stephen Silides says:

no wheels were harmed in the making of this video

rdecredico says:

Why pick such shitty music?

Juan José Braojos Corrales says:

The name of my island is TENERIFE (Not Tindeife), anyway good video and raw run!

The_ 24h_athlete says:

send it billy!!!!

natan umbrella says:


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