Awesome Longboarding Girl Does Skateboard Dancing

This girl does some awesome longboarding tricks by dancing on the board!
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joel cantimbuhan says:


patachaos for potatoes says:

some boys think all girls are sensitive and un independent, but some just hide that they have talents

You got a View says:

I like the vid, tyvm. The dancing is really great.

I used to do this all the time on the boardwalk, but I can assure 100% that nobody thinks its cool when a dude does it – some may be impressed, but they don’t really approve of a dude doing this kind of thing.



um that isnt a skateboard…

Jessie Brock says:

Anyone know what the move is called where she brings the board behind her and then jumps back on the board?

tendertears2001 says:

great moves….looks good too

CJ Neppey says:

….and I have a new crush

non so che nome mettere non so che nome mettere says:


bts._ stuff._ says:

I’m I the only one who first saw this in a BTS ff?… yes I am the only one? Ok I’ll leave.

Justin Bouche says:

good genetics for reproduction

CambodianForged InFreedom2AIII%ER says:

Killin it!!

jayaychy remo says:


Barb McCafferty says:

knee pads, girl!

Mr Stone_age_man says:

Thats so cool

M.J. Meece says:

This girl’s amazing! Does anyone know her name?

EDIT: Found out. Her name’s Ana Maria Suzano. She also co-founded a longboard company.

Saeko Busujima says:

what longboard is she using, anyone know???

Chew Chew Train says:

So cute. So talented. Such lovely legs…

X Leshens says:

Oh shit all I can do is pivot so far

Charles Lee Ray says:


Rider Lee says:

Them legs though

Nadeshka Holmes says:

I wish i could be half as cool as her

Dolans 4 Life says:

She makes it look so easy

Infiresx Mee says:

Uhhhh… random question…. can I do that dance style on a freestyle longboard?

dimi !!! says:

alguém assistindo em 2018 ?

OG Moses -Original Gangsta- says:

every skater guys dream girl

Trifiiniti says:

I think I’d actually break my neck if I tried to do anything in this video

Rick Verplanke says:

This aint longboard dancing. She’s only doing cross steps and peter pans. Where’s the creativity?

susan says:

her style is way different from hyojoo’s! it’s more quick and precise, while hyojoos is more graceful and slow i think

#Unfuckwithable says:

I want more T H I C C Booty

Squirrel ASMR says:

Longboards are for hippys

Chasing theUnknown says:

Is this only for kids/ teens? I’m mid 20s

patachaos for potatoes says:

i was like this too, when my best friend was teaching me how to skate, i scratched my arms and legs a lot, but now i can skate normally without falling (well sometimes..)

Luca says:


MalseMarcel says:

most impressive

PantsB4Squares says:

This is so lame. Whats even lame’r is her shirt. Dont longboard kids. Pick up a skateboard and do something worth while to yourself and the people around you.

Darryl Lehman says:

Very cool!

CJ Neppey says:

That was pretty dope. Makes me wish I could skate. Or dance.

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