#AskRadRat (29) Why is Street the Most Popular? | Did Board Designs Affect Tricks?

Why is street more popular than vert, freestyle, or slalom? How did it take off? Also – were boards designed around street tricks or did people adapt tricks to the boards?


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Justin Kasey says:

everyone can skate street, very few can afford a vert ramp or pool

Willam Shelton says:

Ive got a really good question! who was the first person to actually do a trick on film down the Carlsbad Gap? and I dont mean the small one either.

Gabe McCoy says:

Did board design affect tricks? don’t you mean effect?

Valter says:

Hi RadRat, I am pretty sure that I saw the Vision Double Kick deck first in early 1989. The Mike Vallely came later in the same year, but Vision was clearly the first in my mind. They had an ad in Thrasher magazine that said “Think About It” and it showed a picture of the amazing profile of a double kick deck. This was extremely cutting edge. At the time I thought this idea was very functional, but the deck was too ugly. Then, the Vallely Barnyard deck came out and it was absolutely beautiful. All the kids wanted the Barnyard deck and nobody wanted the vision deck, even though the World Industries wood was extremely fragile at the time and the decks would barely last a couple of days.

Peter Duran says:

What do you think of Welcome and shaped boards?

Lord Seuz says:

Can you do a video diving into your views on balance boards?

Jonathan Parlane says:

Third reason, I think, and the main one for me, is that street brings out a load of more options, creativity, imagination… There’s something pretty cool about taking something that was made for one purpose and transforming it into a completely new possibility.

Josue Rios says:

also one thing that changed was that vert skated 15 in wheel base and street was 14

Hate At Chee says:

I always thought street was cooler because the obstacles we hit are not made for skateboarding. That’s why nobody likes to put park footage in their video parts. It’s cooler to make something out of a spot that was not made for skateboarding than it is to do a harder trick on something that was designed to do skateboard tricks on.

silentriders says:

Street has a great appeal cause you can just go out and shred, however i feel like a big part of why people dont dabble in vert is because they are scared of getting badly hurt

cornholeo skate boarding ! says:

if you’re skating vert, why don’t u just go to a skate park

Mathew Farmer says:

do nuts and bolts really matter

Imran Dargahov says:

Hi RadRat, what was the first griptape company and why are bigspin reverts so unpopular?

Chipz says:

its the helmet and pad wearing in vert that makes it uncool
and also accessibility as you mentioned

Mike Mac says:

Could you do an episode on The Board Accesories from the late 70s and eighties? such as Rails, Tail Bones, nose bones, lappers, and copers. I love old school skating, my first board was a reissue vision psycho stick. I would like to know more on these things such as when/how they became a thing, what they are for, and why people stopped using them. thank you

Fede Kelly says:

What is exactly a Half cab impossible and why is unpopular?

Willam Shelton says:

when educating your followers on deck shapes, technically World Industries and Mike V didnt develop the first double kick board, it was actually Vision with the V-6 concave mold. Apparently Rocco bought it from a guy at Vision for like $4,000 somewhere around ’88-’89 and thats why World gets the credit, but it was really Vision who pioneered the double kick board.

I feel fantastic says:

why are red top ply boards believed to bring “bad luck” to the skater ?

Zew Kee says:

thanks for the answer Aron! always informative.
I think you said you were working on this topic, but how did nollie come to have opposite BS and FS from all the other stances?

Charlie Reid says:

Who is deer man of dark woods?

Grïsu says:

do you know of any skateboarders that have a purposely sloppy/ugly style? and why does everyone hate ollie souths?

Tyson J says:

Yeah when vert skating was the thing to do. skating was still considered nerdy or weird. Which is another way to state what you said :p

TheRemixGeneration says:

water bottle bitch fill it

mustafagammyka10 says:

we build a half pipe with no money atall in scotland thats what the whole vet scene was build on suas teaxas jeff phillips

French Metalhead says:

#askradrat should you care about the skate trends?

NoLimit says:

Maybe, it is a more personal question.
*But how did skateboarding find you, and what was your motivation to keep going?*

DimeY2K says:

What is the effect of concavity on skateboards? I’ve always wondered since I’ve noticed more people riding super mellow compared to when I first started and concave was like a trench.

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