5 Easy Longboard Tricks

just some longboard tricks


Ewi Tube says:

The music hurts my ears

KLAY REX says:

the fact that he didnt ghost ride makes me want to do 9/11 again

Bochnik chleba says:


The ElementVEVO says:

Those are not easy at all

FreeShit says:

The music is actually a 90 year old lady angrily yelling at her cats

Jason ko says:

you noob

Lydee Felicity Lopez says:

what type of longboard is that?

Charlie Green says:

Dat song tho

luke kruger says:

hahaa please more vids

قناة حضري للمعلومات says:

Wtf was that song but sweet tricks

John Perry says:

You’re are honestly good at that

Mj Vlogs says:

good video, next time don’t add jacking off music in a 1920s club

lord thick nipples says:

Fuck, wish my name was Olly that’s a sick ass name.

Jesus Christ says:

Oh, so “easy”

Gonçalo Fonseca says:

i’m sorry but the Tiger claw is an intermidiate trick not a fuckin’ easy trick

TiimeKeeper6 says:

CHange your music, please, i swear God it’s terrible ! Anaway, nice video though!

God Squad says:

I’m trying that on my bord

pocketnoose says:


Jason ko says:

do noob

Dark night Darknight says:

My boards to heavy for this 🙁

Jimmy Oneill says:

bru gets 5k more likes than his subs

Ivo Bancevic says:

That Music doe

Chartreuse King says:

Nice video and great choice of music. Gonna have to learn the shuvit.

Ethan Galley says:

how did this video get so popular?

LUCA says:

Song is nice

Maurice Ruff says:

your so hot!!!!!

Rene Villegas says:

are thiz able to be done on pintail longboards

Aztek says:

Not saying that it’s a bad video, but the first trick is wrong. For a ghost ride you put your back foot over the front of your deck and then jump off your board.

YouTube Správy says:


J Rome Melodic says:

Music sounds like popcorn popping!!!!

Влад Лавриненко says:


Jaz Simone says:

Are these really supposed to be for beginners… -_-

Toya Graff says:

this fucking music is annoying


The no comply sucked

grokik says:

“Easy”… easy to say! 😮

Nentoki Yt says:

Musik ?

선동혁 says:


xtrmboards says:

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