5 Easy Longboard Tricks For Beginners (2018)

Here is a list of my top 5 longboard tricks for beginners. Personally, I think you do not need to already know how to do tricks to do any of these. Be sure to leave any questions you may have for me in the comments section below! 🙂

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Carter Mabry says:

what’s the difference between the boneless and a no-comply

JR Caballero says:

He’s acting like Vlskate

Ikbensenpai says:

Hmmm uploaded in 2016 title says 2018

morgan riddiford says:

I just landed my first boneless kick flip and boneless 180. They’re my first tricks!

Angel Jones says:

After the hippie jump it’s called an underflip!!!!! Not what ever the hell he jus called it. I’ve been longboarding for almost 6 years now. I have tiger claw, tomahawk (aka ban hammer), hippie jump, olie, early grab, toe side blunt slide, colmen, one foot heel slide, toe side slides etc…. I’m moving out to Portland to upgrade and get better at longboarding… I’ve been living in a state that practically you can only get fifty on only some hills and that’s the fastest. Remember tho kids wear your helmets slide gloves and highly suggest wearing knee pads too. Cuz we all wanna be able to keep skating even after 50 years of age!

Psycholiss says:

Hi! Is it ok to start with one of this board?

nazgül taşşak says:

Besttttt videoo broo

Ronnie Shrum says:

My name is Ronnie too! 🙂

Succ Da Tugg says:


Vrosty YT says:

Im always scared that the board will break

Crazy Zombie says:

I’m an 11 year old beginner long boarder with a pintail and kick tail board. I just learned 5 minutes ago how to hippy jumpy higher than 2 feet and I’m learning how to Ollie thanks to your video

prazertv says:

Great tricks!

nunyabiz012 says:

Ronnie, you were already one of my favourite YouTubers for your e-board reviews, and imagine my surprise when I just got my first longboard, wanted to look up some basic tricks to practice, and your video above was the first one to pop up.  Great stuff man, and thank you very much for producing quality material on YouTube!

John Dave Delos Santos says:

thank you for the tutorials ronnie.

Felix Green says:

Can anyone tell me what the likelihood of snapping my board in trying to learn these?

Z fox says:

It fing sucks

Spo2004 says:

Y don’t u just skate

Cristal Garza says:


The Gaming Hammer says:

Please help, I have a surge screamer long board, its heavy, I cant even flip it.. any idea on what tricks I could perform on it?

Ed Parsons says:

This is a great video, Ronnie. Thanks!

Ronny's VLOG [Ronny Tobler] says:

Hey Ronnie, nice video, thanks for the tricks. Greetings from Switzerland! Ronny


girls get impressed win you do this infront of thom

Chris Gio says:

I just started longboarding, can’t do any of these yet. Still trying not to fall lol

filip van es says:

Imma try these out soon thanx man!

Hue Tube says:

Hey do you think I could still do these tricks because my longboard is vary long

Marie ARNAUD says:

This vidéo is so good I love it…

JoNi says:

time travelling?

Monaegi nim says:

I can’t kick flip my longboars. It’s too heavy

Sfarfels says:

shut the fuck up

PYROZEN 117 says:

this is made in 2016 not 2018

Cannon Fodder says:

Make sure you land near your trucks on the hippy jump. I’ve killed a board landing dead center.

Maestroz says:

his face at 2:52 lol

Leafy Lover says:

Thank you I needed this

Luis Sabado says:

Is there a longboard that can do every style? Pleas tell me anyone if there is please write a comment on what the longboard style is called

Michael Haas says:


Placek Jacek says:

Hes from American gots Talent :DDDD

Sidd Balani says:

How do I get the backfire 2? I have heard that indigogo has scammed people and not sent them the board @ronnie sarmiento

Ronnie Sarmiento says:

For those of you who need more trick tips, here are 5 MORE Easy Flip Tricks for you to learn on your longboard: https://youtu.be/STwZNMbHGSM

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