WowGo All-Terrain is NoGo – WowGo AT Electric Skateboard Review

Welp. That is that. All reviews usually get 50mi, 30 days or until I break it and quite honestly, the WowGo All Terrain board is broken out of the box. I wanted to like it, and I do, but man, it has a huge deal breaker. If WowGo fixes it, I will revisit and re-review. Until then, this gets a thumbs down from me, which makes me sad.

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Alastair Drong says:

I get their logic behind making the back truck the way they did, but I think they would’ve been better off making the trucks wider instead.

Sulkey's World says:

Thanks for the info makes sense. Let’s see if Wowgo listens. I actually own a Wowgo 2S. I was thinking about Upgrading….

Neil Bank says:

Can you do a video on adjusting a double kingpin properly. Just got the ranger and never used a double before. Not really sure how I should be approaching the adjustment

Chris Cabezas says:

And this is why Preston is the best in the business. Clear, easy to understand description of the problems with wisdom, details and examples.

Ron Reed says:

I’m glad I didn’t get one

Schnoogans McDuff says:

Thank you for calling them out on that. It’s suuuuper disheartening to see other Youtubers (who I won’t bother naming) that get behind that product without doing ANY sort of testing themselves. I appreciate you being honest and upfront. Thanks Preston!

Weaksauce P says:

thank you for the non bs review

Michael Hurdle Production Studio says:

Wow bro! You kept it 100. I thought they were doing pretty well with the new AT board. Hopefully they listen to what you said and fix all those issues! WowGo is not looking to good right about now.

Thatz Razin says:

i love my Wowgo 2s and i’ve had no problems untill about 2 months ago, the cable in the battery broke out of the thing it was in and i had to find a way to keep it in, and now my board refuses to turn on and Wowgo still hasn’t helped me, i’ve emailed them, and i’ve made multiple posts on their FB and messaged them on FB. I think im just going to buy an Exway X1

James Steinbach says:

big promises followed by a bad product

Kevin Burns says:

Hey man ive been looking into other options for a board away from the koowheel and been leaning towards the backfire g2s what do you think?

Patrick Brady says:

Shit I ordered mine already

Gabriel Del Pino says:

I dont get it man, Im myself a downhill longboarder, always go high degree at the front truck and lower degree at the back truck, this way the rear truck feels more death, so the woobles doesnt come, also my stance at high speed is to put all my weight (90%) at my front foot!!, woobles comes from the back truck. I know you can ride and manage woobles but Im not sure about the problem of this board is the death back truck.

Nick Jackson says:

I have to admit I was scared of the zero degree rear truck. I thought it would be stable but turn like an 18 wheeler. I’m super surprised that it wobbles. Love my Wowgo 2S guess I will have to wait for the Wowgo 2AT 🙂

Marvin Hennep says:

Nice review, please tell me what you do for work

Jonathan Vaucher says:

Thanks for the honest review! It is what it is…. Trucks are important to us skateboarders

Tom Strong says:

Review the Lacroix

James Steinbach says:

for the torque test you could stand on the board while holding Dennis and have him hold the remote. Would be best vid ever hahaha

Brian D Howard says:

Dual king pin up front , single in back. Bad combination.. glad you where honest P.. good job..

Brian Rader says:

Honest review. Dig it.

moto 1 says:


John Martin says:

I think you might have mentioned in your previous video, but do you know if that stationary rear truck is prototype or final product solution?

Anthony Campos says:

oh yeah i know what its like to get speed wobbles at 24mph. while still dialing in my bajaboard i came very close to eating a ton of shit

250rRida says:

Awesome review! Love the videos! Keep em comin. Also test the skatebolt with new hobby wing esc and aeboard all terrain please!!!! Thank you!

SleptOn says:

Any quick fix suggestions?

LongIslandADED says:

Wow thanks for the review Press, the rear truck is definitely a problem that’s to be addressed by the company, here is my question to you or anyone that can answer it could the buyer of the board replace the truck to a double keen pin ?

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