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Aaron Kyro


Chase Brown says:

I so wanted Aaron to focus the board at the end

QRobloxian says:

I have a supreme skateboard its lit

Mayoforme says:

Walmart boards are fine. learn about boards know what you are getting. Great for starters who don’t want to invest money.

Schwarzer Ritter says:

That thing still looks like it is rolling better than my board.


is it ok to learn to skate on a pennyboars first over a original skateboars

Asghar Muna Tuna says:

I have a 4$ skate board it’s my first board

Killerkrush563 says:

Walmart stopped selling skateboards in my area because we have 3 skate shops and most people longboard or bike in my city

kenangamertv /KGTV says:

I got mine from a sports shop it is alot better Than those shity walmart boards trust me…

Counterattack says:

get your audio shit together

Drill Comment says:

Did Siri pop up for anyone when he said serious injury in beginning ?

King Hoops says:

Is it just me or the mic is broken

RightNeighborhood says:

Oh so that’s why my new board is slow. Glad I went to a real skate store and got a better board

HowTo Videos says:

is Madd Gear Pro Series Complete Skateboard – Grittee | MGP … good for skaters ?? i dont want a shit board


im sorry i skate 2years and still on a wallmarkt board biqouse i dont have money

SpacedOutZbo says:

that’s the really cheap board from walmart the Mongoose are a lot better

Thirteen Banger says:

Look guys if you want a true skateboard experience then invest in a real board.. It’s only around $100 I know you guys have $800 iPhones and shit. I literally woke up one day and decided that I wanted to get more active and I wanted to give skating a real shot. I sold my PS4 that day and went to the skateshop and hand picked every aspect and every component of my board. I then went home and put the board together myself, I made it my own. It’s a part of me now and I feel close to it rather than it just being a plank of wood, it’s my creation and it skates for me. That same day I skated so hard I put a hole in my adidas and it went right through the shoe and sock and my foot was bleeding. So I went back to the skate shop and got good shoes. 2 years later and I don’t regret a thing

Awesome Animator Pro Gamer says:

And for it’ll go faster

Adaptt says:

If u want to start of skating but don’t wanna get a real board buy a crown or kpc board 30-50 bucks it’s good for a beginner till ur ready to get a real board

Erikk ActTV says:


LIT AF says:

U got 3k in 2 yrs

NiceRiceChild says:


Unlucky Star123 says:

your dum awry you suck dick hand

David Lopez says:

Can you answer a ? I have about my board

Justin Maranon says:

Dog I’ve been skating on a shitty Walmart board for 5 years and it’s sucks so I don’t even do tricks I just ride

Zenix says:

does it really matter where you buy it?

panic! Vids Panic! says:

Ok so , for some of us this is what we can offord . I have a board by then that is better that’s that by them . You literally looked for the worst board

Charles Howard says:

I remember breaking my zero board after a couple months of skating. So my bro and I went to Walmart. We both got a kryptonics board and went to one of our spots, which was a five stair. first ollie my tail snapped. So my bro went and he snapped the nose lol Both boards lasted about 5 min. This was back when Walmart boards were about 30 dollars so we lost 60 bucks real quick, I never skated a Walmart board again.

Adira Santoso says:

shut up king wizard stupid

EL DRAKE says:

watch the truck break cause they plastic

Daniel Bernal vlogs says:

but i got a real board

Killerkrush563 says:

Walmart stopped selling skateboards in my area because we have 3 skate shops and most people longboard or bike in my city

Sweetster123 says:

get a darkstar board at walmart take all wheels off then put them back on with bolts not tight. board rolls great for a starter. now the board he is skating on is awful…. Id only get a darkstar in walmart. IF YOU CAN ONLY GET A BOARD AT WALMART. if you have other options don’t go to walmart.

Gabriel Mikhail 2020 says:

It’s not the boards fault it’s your fucking saggy weak feet mr fuck a duck

Awesome Animator Pro Gamer says:

I have a known skateboard it ain’t the best skateboard.Mine is like a Walmart board but a guy helped me adjust my board so that it’ll turn

Aaron Ornelas says:

You sdhould leave it at a skate park, see who actually would steal it,lol

Chase Brown says:

The Audio….

Flauwe Vos says:

what is wrong with the audio

Daniel Bernal vlogs says:

i have the same board from walmart

shamus248 says:

this is actually reassuring to me cause i thought it was my fault the board was so damn slow lol

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