Vlog 38 Evolve Bamboo GT Series Electric Skateboard Review

Took the original Evolve Bamboo and the new GT series electric skateboard along the Cairns esplanade for a review.


Fever Central says:

Nice video

Jonathan Tran says:

have you even gotten in trouble with the law?

I’m interested in getting a board but i’ve head that in NSW, they’re illegal, especially on roads.

Isaiah Griffiths says:

good on yah tim

Mafiaa vL says:

my bamboo GT is soo fun to ride on the gold coast I am almost out everyday

Alex Dude says:

whats the song used at 8:32?

Dwayne Dibley says:

I got a new GT Bamboo….its tha dogs bollocks…i love it…

Mike Cola says:

Looks like loads of fun!! Do you edit video yourself?? Well done

Felix Sie says:

Hey dude , how did you get this great board ???It’s so expensive!!!

TechForYou says:

Absolutely beautiful! Have you tried the Stary board?

David says:


ronnie mori says:

..whats the dimension of the bamboo gt 2nd gen?

Brute Force says:

great video Guys! Check out my stuff as well Thanks Ryan

Mads Max says:

nice form on the fall 🙂 chill place you guys ride at. some dogs flip some do not.

rotorpix says:

Hi world, here is our video with the All Terrain wheels on https://youtu.be/nrHwNmQMe_Y

Evolve Forums says:

Lol, that wipeout! Done that a few times on the curb. Nice vid!

Dwayne Dibley says:

did the led’s come with the board?

Jusner says:

Where the f§$k do you guys live? That view is amazing..

ronnie mori says:

I gotta have one of those new gt…

cighh says:

One motor seems higher than the other – nice board though

Jetskicentral says:

Great video and fantastic location! Just ordered the bamboo Gt street with the AT wheels two in one combo can’t wait to get my hands on her !!

Talha Siddiqui says:

how the hell do these lot afford to buy this kind of shit I’m here counting money for snicker bar

B.Unique says:

Is that the thunderbolt combo pack lights you have?

Jamesbond Quinones says:

does this have grip tape?

Vinicius Bernardes says:

Boosted Board so much Power

bournejsn says:

Beauty Day! Nice Vlog and review mate. Chill and natural. Shout out frm NZ

Serge Michaux says:

Love both gt videos. I m ordering one this week. AT or street?

Ohem1 says:

When accelerating I can definitely relate to people reacting, when I went 38-ish km/h on a long empty bicycle lane and a bus drove past me and boy did students inside look at me through the windows.

I mean here I was just driven past by a bus almost keeping up with the same speed as me, on a board.

NoShadowOfDoubt1 says:

Did Tim’s board come with these lights front and back?

Spencer Clizer says:

I fee like these boards aren’t getting enough coverage or something, in my opinion I feel like evolve seems way better than any board out there

Hugo Nobay says:

I’m headed up to cairns this Christmas and hope to take my evolve board with me!

Cody's Tech Reviews says:

How fast does the bamboo GT go in GT mode

Dan Kron says:

I really thought that GT was going straight for the water….

HORRUS29 says:

I just got my gt carbon AT. It has been 18 years since I last rode a board. I have a question and hopefully someone can help me. On my first ride my feet and legs were hurting me pretty bad. It almost feels like arm pump when you ride a dirt bike for awhile. Is this normal since I’ve not been on a board for so long?

sendmedem says:

near end of video u say has 30kms range if you take it easy. is that on the old board? does the new GT actually do 50km range on street wheels?

David Dunlop says:

What are the LEDs he put on his GT called?

Music Media Group / Directed by Davo says:

Grab a new motore for your Gen 2, so it’ll never die! I have one ready to go if mine ever decides to end it all, lol

skiboyscuba says:

Have you had any issues with theses bards??

Helms B says:

Check out @bostonvlogs , if u gonna be quicker and better that me, then is chance to be a evolve electric skateboard owner….this is not a advert im just saying.

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