Unpackaging and Review:Punisher Skateboard

I unpack a punisher skateboard box and test ride it while commenting on it. DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE ; )


connor says:

bet you can’t flip a 10 stair

Chief Owen says:

How much did it cost? Keep on shredding!

jaime torres says:

why order it if u can just pick one of these up at walmart

David Lee Ashkenazi says:

I’m looking for a filmer – msg if dumbass

megadan McMan says:

if your just starting out that might me an alright board for you but after a few months of getting better you sould probably upgrade. i suggest that you not order your next set up but go to your local skate shop and talk to someone that knows what they are talking about. they will point you in the right direction. good luck with your skating and with your chanel

Joel Francois says:

What’s the best punisher skateboard size for a 13 year old

Beary White says:

No you absolutely want to scratch it lol

Renee Laventure says:

Lol just put the camera DOWN bud

megadan McMan says:

I’ll do what I can dude. On a different note you should check out some videos about editing technicians. I think some solid editing could really help your videos come together. what brought me to your channel was the unboxing video maybe do a couple more of those. It doesn’t have to be much just open what ever you can fined. those kinda videos seem to go over really well on YouTube. Just some ideas, sometimes a little feedback can help. I’ll do my best to help you out ant try to get you some subs.

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