Toy Machine Skateboard Deck + Grizzly Griptape Review!! | Honest Skateboard Deck Review (2017)

My honest review of a Toy Machine skateboard deck & Grizzly griptape! This was actually a 7.75. No wonder tre flips worked so well on it for me. (I normally struggle with them.)

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My name is Chris Frantz. I’m a skateboarder who strives to spread positivity and motivate others. I post videos of my progression in skateboarding and honest, in-depth skate product reviews and trick tips. My goal is to show the importance of doing what you love and having fun and to help fellow skaters.

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Manuel (Mogely) Herrera says:

Keep up the reviews! Doing such a good job!
You should try a numbers deck

Paul Taylor says:

Nice review man! I love how you really give your unbiased opinion on this

Emanuel Costa Sk8 says:

Have you noticed that a board bought in a complete skateboard and a board purchased separately is different? of the same brand

Esteban Chaparro says:

was there good pop on the toy machi e

Zac s says:

My friend had that tie dye grizzly grip and it did the exact same thing as Urs but probably worse

Kaito says:

that skateboard look dope i have a world industries board (not grip tape) on the back side

Matt Jones says:

Great review! I used to basically only skate Toy Machines, but then i moved on to other brands, and i havent skated grizzly in years. Currently im riding a foundation, but my favorite is definitely Black Label.

zStokedNick says:

Great Review Dude! 😀

IvarDF says:

thinking of trying a grizzly grip! only tried jessup and mob so far, no preference doh!

rroollfallen says:

Nice review and good quote! It was weird how the tie dye side was peeling off! You skate well with the toy machine but it looks flat! I like a little concave 🙂

SkateDerpTV says:

Nice review dude! I honestly like grizzly but only the cut out ones. Toy Machine boards are my favorite decks. Next product you should try a creature board.

Toaster Burns says:

I skated a toy machine board a while back. It wasn’t my favorite because of the flater nose. Atm I’m trying a Revive board before I skate my almost board i bought, and surprisingly its a really good board. If you haven’t tried one id recommend it.

Adza Aniq says:

Sick video…you should get
1000000 subs but why 1000subs??????????????? big fan of you man…

RIVv_ Rayquaza says:

Witch is better toy machine or real?

Free The Drones says:

oh shit chenga

Kelvin Ramirez says:

my brother has a toy machine and I noticed the same things, so far the boards I used and really liked were rip n dip and enjoi.

North West Decks says:

Toy machine is one of my favorite brands. Grizzly grip looks dope!

Jalyn Williams says:

Great video Chris! Thanks for the shoutout! You should try a creature board next, they have steep concave and big steep noses.

Swarles Caldwell/fiire_memes says:

That quote is like famous and I’ve heard from everybody I know

Bryan Arnett says:

Sick video Chris! What kind of microphone are you wearing by the way?

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