One Board Countless Options. Big shout out to MorfBoard for sponsoring Braille! We had so much fun testing out this new board.

Check out MorfBoard Here:
Check out their channel Here:

Check out the legend Killian Martin on the MorfBoard!

“EDGE OF THE WORLD with Kilian Martin” YouTube Video:


Orao_crealalious says:

I wish I had a place like the Braille House to hangout with my friends, best place ever

Quinn Moore says:

This is an awesome idea for kids who want to learn how to balance and eventually pick up skating

Natasha Ruzin says:

It could be a snow board took

chucha chuy says:

this video is will cause boardum.

canal yepzPLAY says:

really yes

Kyla Deluca says:

do not buy this, my boards trucks were stiff after two days, it doesnt travel very far and likes to turn on way, it is crap.

Kevin Castillo says:

Líke si quieres una

Dawson Walker says:

Now my sick ass wants to go skate

مكتبة المعلومات says:

Faku man

Alyssa Golombeck says:

How do you make the scooter turn?

Seth Vandenhout says:

Jack of all trades but master of none.

Jorge Nunez says:


mwhhd موحد says:

This is pretty awesome! ☺

John VanDenburgh says:

I can’t believe no one has ever come close to my Surfatater…The dream I have had in my head since I was 8 in 1968, riding on metal wheels. I am looking for investors and a crew of fearless R&D riders to help me produce my Surfatater. We will need about $300K, maybe more, but I believe it will go worldwide within a year. Anyone on here want to join me ? I will show it to potential investors on a non-disclosure agreement. Please contact me for more info. Thanks

Mr. Unknown says:

I know this isn’t how you spell Aaron or it is but have you noticed he sounds like Chris off of family guy

Jovany Gomez says:

Try to do a 50-50

Raeon Mcghie says:

What if we have a pro skating bored
Can we do an ole

WigWham Jones says:

I want one just to put the back scooter wheel on as a skateboard

DreamerBear 1015 says:

Put the trucks on the grip tape

Scott Pelletier says:

i wont one NOW

비름딱 says:

안녕하세요 저는김성찬 입니다^^

Carlos Montoya says:

Of camara this is is a peace of garbage but tbh it look cool I would get one

Jesse Kreis says:

*Questions the drill* Really, Aaron? XD

pob677 says:

Skateboard and scooter?, not my thing

Game Tornado says:

i never knew fetty had a birthday

whostoleJiMZ says:

World record in obnoxiousness.

Tankreble 45 says:

Carlos is the best skater

Nekokun SK says:


G ROBB says:

Fuck this shit

Pandalover 27 says:

I’d break everything trying to skateboard but I sooooo want to!

jason kwok says:

wow,pretty cool thing

Bob Rossington says:

Delete lance

kyle cole says:

this peewee herman lookin fuck is annoying

Caleb Gearheart says:

I’ve waited for this review

Gage Pitrone says:

people! Da faq you mean you people?

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