The Lightest Skateboard in the World – SETUP & REVIEW

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►►► What i use:
Rayban Clubmaster:
Huawei P9:


►►► Cameras:
Canon 80D:
Canon Legria:
GoPro Hero 5:

►►► Accessoires:
Wide Angle:
Sigma 1.4:
Video Mic:


Ariana Lee says:

sorry auto correct….

Ariana Lee says:

I’m mean pov.

aTomik003 says:

How much does that deck cost?

Grey Talec says:

Make it a 7.75 or 7.5 2 bolts 50mm shake junt grip and the bushings should be bones

Martyn AB says:

i wanna see chris chann do a quad kickflip on flat with this setup

Succ says:

Ways to make it lighter:
-90’s wheels
-skinnier deck/smaller trucks
-jessup grip
-2 bolts on each truck
-removing the washers on the trucks

mort boye says:

add krux and it would be ligther

Ta1on says:

Wouldn’t the lightest be a smaller size? So like a 7.5

Succ says:

Run 2 bolts a truck, jessup grip, and 90s wheels. Then it would be the lightest.

Dont Panic Its Organic says:

you should have put the new trucks on it as well and test them out

Rufusdos says:

Just yesterday I set up a new Almost Youness deck with new Tensor Daewons. I kept the same Spitfire wheels. My old setup was 2395g, the new one 2114g, so I’ve cut 281g. It’s like I’ve had a mobile phone and a spanner stuck to my board and now they’re gone. Makes a big difference.

Skateboard Bruh says:

wouldn’t it be lighter with 50 or 49 mm wheels? 😉

LarzBombZz Gaming says:

fabian, how much does it cost?

Patrick Almasy says:

how about the durability ? im planning to do a light setup thanks for this vid 😀

Eniks says:

I want a board like that in a plan b shape

Charles J Gartner says:

Not lightest board in the world. Throw on smaller wheels it will be lighter. Use aluminum hardware it will be lighter. No griptape will be lighter. Only two screws per truck, will be lighter. Sand the skateboard will be lighter. Just saying… not the lightest. (also attach helium balloons…. you guessed it: Will be lighter)

Ethan Delport says:

best grip job ever

Joshua Lin says:

+Fabian Doerig where do you get your Adidas sticker?

The BlackTigers says:

Wie viel kostet es ?

Sebastian Reich says:

Sick video

average being says:

That board is so damn expensive *cries*

Flustered Kid says:

Actually the lightest skateboard is a tech deck

Sarah Kerrigan says:

i disagree braille skateboarding has featured high riser trucks which have almost no metal, as well the element helium board is the lightest i know of.

Brian Gnow says:

to make it lighter run 2 bolts lmao

WAM says:

Dont put stickers

SB Gagamba says:

Mob M-80 is lighter the original Mob

Tobi McNobi says:

Cleanest grip job I’ve ever seen!

Cole Zoerb says:

Almost is getting things done!

Fr4nie says:

i was going to get that deck

Sheldon Schuhert says:

does it flip faster since its lighter and take less effort to flick

Juan Shoo says:

Gordon Ramsey skates?! :/

Juan Orozco says:

nose manual to nollie big sooo steeeeezy bruh

Video Game Central! says:

+Fabian Doerig love your vids nice jobs keep up the good work you really deserve more subs

Seth C says:

future reference…. Choose some music that’s not played in gay clubs.

Long Johnson says:

Daewon song challenge, 180 fakie manual flip out without the top bushings

Louis Collings says:

52mm wheels are not the lightest at all

Cameron David says:

Looks fun!

Jack Sb says:

If you had smaller wheels and 3 bolts in each truck it’d be lighter, not much, but lighter still

John Toth says:

Short and sweet. nice editing. If u remove four nuts and bolts and remove 1/3 of the griptape (in the center) and buy smaller wheels it may be even lighter.

GioSkateboarding says:

wäre cool gewesen wenn du das mal gewogen hättest, würde mich echt mal interessieren

Ariana Lee says:

what is your poverty camera

Maturkus says:

Actual weight compared to your normal setups?

Andrew Cardoza says:

i like this review. i liked the intro Fabian.

ben harries says:

Great editing in this

justincabell says:

What if you add bamboo plys?

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