The Ferrari Of Electric Skateboards – Predator Banshee Review

Today I test out what has been called the “Ferrari of Skateboards” by the founder of the board himself. This little thing is an absolute BEAST. This is definitely the fastest, and most powerful electric skateboard I have tried out myself. All this for under $1000? Yes, please. For more Electric Skateboarding videos click here:

Predator Eboards:


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King Kong Karter says:

Like the video and like what you did for the beginning of the video I was waiting for this since the live stream.

Colorado Cadi says:

Haha i was live for this unboxing!! Been waiting to see the review!! Another great one bro!! It looks like a beast!!!!

Robin V says:

Wow thats a really fast electric skateboard and one which is too scary to ride with that powerful startup kick and break force. You’ll feel like flash while riding but then transform into something flying in the air face first to the ground

Karen Larkin says:

Insane board love your content and always stay stoked!!!!!!

Jason H says:

26MPH,really fast.

Alp Seb says:

I don’t understand the point of barely be able to stand on the board when accelerating. Why not a smoother acceleration curve ? It’s should be better to begin snow for 1 second, mid for 2 seconds fast for 2 and then hardcore mode… it’s the same shit on evolve boards. The raptor or the mellow board are well tuned ! You are not ejected of the board and the acceleration is brutal

Onella Wanis says:

I was watching my favourite category my god Ronnie f u

Chris Kang says:

Do they like to break down?

Matt Graham says:

Ok now before I watch this. I have not heard of Predator electric skateboards. And I have done my research within the last 3 months for wicked boards and cheaper boards with bomb specs. I would say the Ferrari of “electric” skateboards is Enertion – Raptor 2.

andres hernandez says:

Hooo my deam board on flames like roky vs Mr.t, súper fast wow

Scott Trundle says:

Great video! I’m looking forward to skateboard this weekend (it’s supposed to be warmer). I think the mic recorded a little weird this video because i only heard the audio from the mic in my left ear

Alex Fitzmaurice says:

P.s. what app is that?

John Spillane says:

RIP the mic

Kenny Moore says:

i have my eye on this board

EarvinC says:

Rip your mic broke

Andy Masfar says:

oh my god must try

Alex Fitzmaurice says:

Bro that little thing is a beast!!!

jp ruiz says:

You should do a review on the letric longboard LS I recently purchased one because I feel it’s a great great board and it has a great story on who the founders are. Basically these two college students created there first electric longboard on campus and students started asking how they could get them. It grew so huge the college actually made a factory so they could make these awesome boards and not only sell to the college students but also to the public. It’s now grown even bigger and they have two boards the LS and the campus cruiser. It would be really cool if you did a review on it. Great video by the way!

Ryan Harrison says:

wouldn’t it be a tesla? cuz its like electric?

Ozcar says:

Love these kinda videos, don’t stop esk8ing!!

John Spillane says:

Does anyone know where I can buy hub motors with as much torque as those?

Melason POISON says:

mabuhay, more of this kap…

Deeba Malik says:

You’re awesome

Matt Murton says:

Hey Ronnie, is that skatepark in Alexandria? Which one is it?

Ben Saida says:

so i see you like it 😉

Nathan Chung says:

don’t stop with esk8 videos! i know that i’m not the oly one digging them!

Hunter deja says:

Too much torque; especially if one rides in auto traffic. Too much pressure on the throttle and you end up on the ground and your board under a car’s tire; or worst *you* under a car’s tire.

Dylan Nguyen says:

Would you choose the backfire, koowheel, or the meepo?

Pedro Henrique says:

Great review as always Ronnie

ReclaimedPalletCreations says:

Did you notice any voltage sag with this board, or anything when hitting larger cracks? Also, just curious what do you use to edit your vids? 

Great vid as always!

Daniel Kwan says:

Haha was that a MoBike bicycle? Is the battery swappable? Would be great with a kicktail.

Lucia Threels says:

That board is a beast! Dope video man, really enjoyed the livestream too!

chad big says:

What app do you use to track your speed?

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