A lot of you have wanted some more skateboard reviews and we decided to go to our favorite store, Dick’s Sporting Goods (watch this if you haven’t already, and see what kind of board they have. This one is only $39 and gets the Fetty brutality test. We were really surprised with how well it held up, if you need a beginner deck and don’t have a lot of money, this is a decent choice!

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Faviel says:

Damn this channel is hurtin bad

fathimath shameema thayyil says:

Braille were are you from

James lenderman says:

will you guys please try to shark wheels on a normal board, so we all can hear a review?

KairyDragon says:

I think the word Fetty was looking for was: Methodical.

Jane Foley says:

I MISS CARLOS IN THIS VID <3 love fetty and gabe but CARLOS is like my favorite human and i'm sad he isnt here, Love ya so much Carlos

Dustin Bradford says:

So all in all: You just can’t beat Dick’s.

…or can you?

Ythan Barrow says:

did my first shuvet today!

Russell Christian says:

I havent really skated in close to 12 or 13 years, never really got good but it was always fun. You guys are getting me motivated to give it a try again for giggles.

Broken Down Devin says:

Your welcome

Justyn Waller says:

Lol I can just hear Carlos somewhere watching this, saying wax it!!

Ethan Grossnickle says:

where is aaron

THC TV says:

I bought my son a dark star skateboard from walmart. It was about $40 bucks. It seems to be a good skateboard for the price. You guys should try that one out

PoloElefante says:

“slow and maniacal”

Sylvain Ducatez says:

Hello. Can you build a bowl ?

Kayden Michie says:

0:21 thank me later

Jake Johnson says:

Gabe looks like a chubby Nyjah Huston

Krunkias says:

I’ve had a lot of luck with Walmart boards

Braille Skateboarding says:

What did you guys think of this video? Do you have other board you want us to try out for you?

OfficialJPX says:

0:21 to 0:23 sounds bad hahahxd

Ace Au says:

y does fetty look like Nevile Longbottom

Jade Abbas says:

Hey guys! After watching a bunch of videos yesterday I bought a cheap board today. I’m happy to say it’s been quite fun using it and if I still feel the same I’m gonna purchase a better board soon. Thanks for the awesome tips (from your earlier videos).

Wiglev Clamor says:

Something´s wrong. 2 days ago i dreamt of visiting you and going a vacation. The place looked like a mix between florence and venice beach. Carlos and Fetty where able to speak german with me.

This night i dreamt of telling you that i dreamt of you “Braillians”. And now i am telling you that i dreamt of you. Whats next?

Matt Campfield says:

Gabe you don’t have to make a video on the 17th of coming out of the closet it’s not that big of news

Dig Bick says:

Hey there’s a pro version of that roller derby brand skateboard, it has a 7ply board a bit pricy though

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