The Best Cheap Electric Skateboard: Ownboard W1 Review (Cheaper Than A Boosted Board)

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Today we take a look at a budget electric skateboard that comes in at only $369 shipped to your door. Could the ownboard be the best cheap board for beginners, or back up board?

Ownboard: Use “Ronnie2018” at checkout to save $20 at


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Pixco 8mm fisheye:
Joby Gorillapod:
Rode Micro:
DJI Phantom 3:

Street Deck:
Anonymous Feather:
Paris 180mm trucks:
Reds Bearings:
Arbor Mosh Wheels:
Koowheel Onyx Gen 2:
Acton Blink S2:

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ColourfulPixels says:

When are you going to make a review of meepo 1.5 compared to meepo 1.0

Hari Harasudhan says:

Hey Ronnie by far do you think the inboard might be better than the boosted v2 , just do a guess and can you tell me a good board for air travel, acceleration, slight offroad(cracks and dust) and for city riding

Anna Thomas says:

this board looks so awesome for a first timer!!! good video as always dude!

A1 Vegan says:

just ordered this thanks for the discount man i like your reviews of these boards..first electric board ever I’ve barely even skateboarded in life hahah gonna be sweeeet

Lethal Bacon says:

I’m also asking this company called Gekko skateboard if they can send you one.

eFS Channel says:

Backfire 2 or this?

The Goat of all goats says:

Would u recommend the longboard or kick tail

SilaGaming says:

Ronnie can u do like mini electric skateboard under 500$

Adam Balghit says:

Did you notice any voltage sag?

Nick DeMonte Vlogs says:

Hey Ronnie, if I wanted to replace the hub motors or front wheels, could I buy the parts off of Meepo’s site?

Irshad Ali says:

good video bro nice review, i’ll be doing one on it soon too

mvanvalkenburgh says:

Agree Ronnie, stoked it’s finally warming back up! Hope it stays around. Great video as usual, thanks bro!

Flyh_ 2k says:

This or the backfire 2?

UzuMaki NaRuto says:

Hey Ronnie how do you like the Ownboard remote vs the Wowgo/Meepo remote? Is the braking and acceleration smoother and more gradual or about the same? And how do you like the overall performance between the two? I really like the Boosted board remote and this one seems abit similar in design so I’m wondering about how good the performance is.

SilaGaming says:

Ronnie what is beter hub motors or belt motors?

Nick DeMonte Vlogs says:

If I bought an Ownboard could I buy replacement parts for it on Meepo’s site?

Andy Masfar says:

do u noe da wei

revenger2 says:

can you make a top 5 boards under 500 USD ? i watch all your reviews and i cant decide the top speed and battery range

Adam Balghit says:

Thanks so much for the support on choosing which board. I ordered my board last Saturday. How long did it take from China->Washington?

Creationsh says:

Thank you for the discount code, I watched your review and decided to buy this board.


have you tested any belt driven boards??? I would really like to know your thoughts on them…. Until next time STAY STOCKED!!!!

The Goat of all goats says:

Ronnie if the esk8 board comes and it’s broken what do i do

Roberto Cameli says:

hei man, nice video as usual, I have a question forya, if you’d have to buy one between this ownboard and the new meepo 1.5, which one would you choose?

Emily Parker says:

I love You!

Hari Harasudhan says:

Hey Ronnie when you tried the boosted board 2 did the flexi deck had a great impact on minimising bumps and cracks and looking forward for you to try the inboard m1 updated and check out my channel – zappee Vlogs

Hai Nguyen says:

which one would u pick? Backfire 2 or this ownboard ?

Quadry White says:


Nathan Chung says:

was wondering if i need skate shoes for electric skateboarding because i just bought the riptide r1.

King Kong Karter says:

I commented before but I looked at the own board and it looks nice would you recommend the one with the kick tail Witch is more expensive or the longbaord that’s not as expensive

The Rich King Productions says:

Love your videos and I also have a question for you. Out of the Meepo v1.5, WowGo 2, and the Ownboard W1 which board do you prefer and would recommend to someone on a budget? I’m thinking of getting the Ownboard W1 but I feel like spending a little more money would be worth it if the Meepo v1.5 or WowGo 2 are truly better boards.

Tom Pelov says:

Good review. Can you share a link to which speedo apps you use to track range and top speed? Are they pretty good?

kjd15328va says:

Is this better than the meepo v1.5?

Dalton Briscoe says:

Love it

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