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Have you seen the new Tech Deck Dudes? Each blind bag contains one skateboard and one figure that have real skate action. You can roll them, you can collect them, you can make them do tricks. Series 1 is out now and we are opening up a full box. Leave a comment and let us know which one you liked the best.


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Steimberg Karla-Elena says:

Hey guys! Cool toys! i am going to pick the clear one…Sir Spook was it?

vince toyreviews/opening says:

can you please shout me out because you are one of my favorite youtuber and my aunt just died yesterday hope shes in a better place and i miss her ♥♥♥♥♥

Adrian Larrasquitu says:

I love them two

Noah Coolz says:

My favorite is the clear ghost guy

Garlicthief says:

I had these when I was small!

AWEtistic says:

The ghost guy is awesome!

Dug Ness Bancer Chowder says:

Yeah minis dudes

Melody Cutie Cupcakes says:

Slicer and Sir Spooks were really cool! Love how they all come with different little skateboards! I like the ones with metallic parts too!

Jacek Sikorski says:

Cool DuDes

Tyrik Gardner says:

Jungle Jim looks like the coconut from off of Moana

Snoopys Biggest fan says:

These are so cool 😀

Jenny Lee says:

I love Teck Deck too Paul, these are cool!

Skate Vlogs says:

Plz watch my videos

StealthNinja5 says:

Although I haven’t got mine of these yet, as well as it didn’t appear on this video, but I’d go with Nunchaku (black version of ninja Slicer). But before this 2018 series, it is Nick of the original early 2000’s vintage line (both original no-arms and 1st evolution version- blue armor parts, red sash and scarf and grey outfit, comes with sword) lol/:)

Will also be working on a cosplay of this favorite Dude of mine as well someday.

Aileen Robinson says:

I like them all my son would like them too

Uiltje Honderd says:

these are soo cool!! <3

MrAngusboy says:

They’re back? I still have all of my series 2 and pets ones from the 2000s and yes they were bigger and came in a blister and had trading cards and so fourth but most of mine got messed up sadly and i do have acouple Blind and world Industries characters as well and one of my favorite characters was the fire fighter wet willy ( blue teardrop) flame boy was the orange flame guy and i have a few of each character and i still have my trading card book i made

epic guiena pig 65 says:

do u wanna trade?

Jeremiah Noble says:

So glad they came back out I freaking love skating and fingerboarding winter sucks thi

box of mystery says:

These are so cool. Y’all have inspired me to make my own channel. Please check us out. Thank you.

Bong Foet Lan says:

n i c e

cookies rock says:

me tooooo

Cole Shannon says:

Do a tech deck video

Christiaan De Klerk says:

When did these companies start sending you the stuff and how to do dose free stuff

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