Synopsis Skateboard Bearings – Review!

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So sorry about the wind. I didn’t know it was that bad when I filmed it. I hope you dug the video though. Fall Friday should be coming tomorrow. Watch out for it! Videos everyday of course too!


MovedToNewAccount says:

Do you think synopsis bearings are better than reds?

Kyle Chung says:

I hate the sound youtube makes when you like a comment

Mandrew says:


Why not? Medias says:

hey i would like it please

Kool Kyle says:

no those bearings r white and gold r u blind bruh

Black Dimonz says:

i got synopsis bearing also. They sent me some

Abdul Abrar says:

Guys help please. I have decided to go with bones China bearings. Only thing am worried about is if it will fit the wheels i am buying. I understand all Bering are supposed to go inside the wheels, but do all bearing fit inside all wheels or there’s some sizing to it?

Please if some knowledgeable fellow could shed some light in to that I would appreciate it. Thanks

Bunte Butter says:

Where can I buy these bearings? I’m from Germany.

Jacob Isaac says:

Maybeanie I’ll get this!

pdxaac says:

why are you reviewing something you want us to buy? this is a promotion, not a review. listen to your word choice, you sound like a fucking travelling medicine man pushing fake drugs. fucking chad. “if your not used to such a smooth ride, you might not be used to it.” – are you fucking kidding me?

chaza Haza says:

Hey andrewschrock can you please pic me

Alex Rauschenbach says:

Where do i get these amazing bearings!?

Talon Reyna says:

try to skate under water plese ill Be so so so happy

Dominic Chan says:

I lov u

LittleBigTyp says:

+AndrewSchrock are the bearings good for longboards too?

The Telepathic Porpoise says:

are these bearing better than red bones?

Aidan Donnelly1 says:

Switch lol

RagingOverlord says:

How r ur wheels so quiet

Andy Rodriges says:

Andy dude is plan b a good mark cause I barely STARTED skateboarding and it looked cool so I got it is it good?

Parker Thompson says:

sounded like Ryden said “hell yea”lol

Bryan Pazmino says:

pick me 

TGK / The Gaming Kid says:

was it actually 4 months later

Nathan Suarez says:

Andy- you ready for this?
Ryden- hell yeah

Randomness Dylan says:

hey andy. idk if u are reading this but i would really love it if u would choose me for the person to give the beanie to. i really love your channel and would love it if u pick me. thanks andy!


Eddy101 says:

That is a cool skatebord

YoBoiGarret says:

He seemed chapped

REpisorsa says:

0:36 is Ryden saying “Hell yeah!”? 😀

EnzedDev says:

the secret advertising

Dylan J says:

Best bearings I’ve had in ages. Been riding mine since the middle of last year and Darryl shreds.

Nat And Andy Videos says:

In funny Insta:amysbrofist

Cody Preucel says:

Andy I really want to win

George Aaron says:

Is there a back story for Andy always wearing red or does he just like the color

TonP 24 says:

I used my bearings for 2 years and now they are so bad now .

Monsta Munch says:

Afaik there are two types of bearings; bones reds and everything else. A decent review of bearings needs to include how they compare to bones….

HD Grizzley says:

I never really noticed a difference In my bearings

Razor SharpFB says:


Zac Graybosch Zac Graybosch says:

Andy is a white, African American ninja

Marcos Villa says:

Bones Swiss forever 🙂

Nat And Andy Videos says:

Love yo videos

David Niño says:

How much are the bearings? I think you convinced me to buy them.

Andrew Kc says:

I won the contest!

Mason Miller says:

Those bearings do look nice!!

imOneThat says:

You should try a new series: Ridin with Ryden.

Nicholas-Rory Sommier says:

If he filmed the first part in october, why didn’t he get the mic with the better filter?

Isaac Villalvazo says:

Andy can you give a revive hats and beanies give away

nick flix101 says:

Y do u always wear red shirts

Aidan Donnelly1 says:

I just learned to kickflip and variable kick flip twitch today!

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