Skateboard setup / Ebay Core trucks review / Core Vs Venture trucks / Unboxing

The Unboxing / assembly / and review of Ebay complete skateboard… Testing the HATED Core trucks with surprising outcome. Check this out, I was shocked.

If you want nothing to do with my intro and unboxing, forward to 6:40 in the video for the Core Vs. Venture Truck testing…

I want to note that one review I read of Core Trucks online, they guy said they were so heavy he could no longer Ollie. WTF. You are an f’ing liar. They may not be Independent, Krux, Venture… but come on.

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SpitReal Fire says:

are the Shorty’s bushing good ? I might just replace my bushing with those

Bla Spogelse says:

I’ve been buying blank decks from TGM for about 10 years now and always wondered about those cheap completes that come with those core trucks. I kinda want to get one for my nephew.

Steve Gartner says:

You weld? Fucking nice man!

Henry Nevins says:

Great video dude! Keep em coming…ps- I’ve ordered a bunch of stuff from tgm..they’re the best!

Dick Burger says:

Just ordered one of these completes last night. Hell of a job on the video man! Most of the time I have to turn the volume down cause people are annoying and focus more on the unboxing and fondling of the part. I always ride ventures but I’m going to put the cores to the test just for shits

Jigalo says:

Helpful, thank you. Ordered an enjoi off amazon for 67$ out the door. Haven’t skated in years so I think this will be perfect .

carson branyon says:

Is there a way I can win that deck or trucks or anything ?

Haddox Guitars says:

Awesome job. I really need to see a SNAP test though. Give a couple ollies on flat ground first and just keep going up to a couple stairs and see if they hold up or if they bend or crack or snap. That would be best for what I’m looking for. Thanks for the video!

ben syrjala says:

as bad as it sounds during the file text the metal is the core truck was softer. that’s kind of a good thing… meaning you can get your groove a lot easier and you’ll get comfortable with them quicker. I hate getting new trucks and taking the time to get a solid groove in them, it takes forever. I normally skate indys which have been my favorite for a long time now but I’m liking thunders more. there’s not much difference in them but they feel for some reason more solid with all the hollowed out spot and I like skating bigger boards so it does help with weight reduction, but more personal preference is key for a lot of skaters. take suggestions but never let someone force you to only skate one brand. if your comfortable with one brand stick to it. I have 149 thunder lights now and I’m getting 151s soon. it’s all about getting comfortable and figuring out what you like.

Blu Eyez says:

you filed the core truck deaper

Frank Medin says:

is it weird that I have seen no one setup a alien work shop board

Diamond Wolf says:

can you do a skateboard giveaway

Vetesy says:

are you wheels and bearings good

Prince Mowe says:

bro, you got every tool in the world and no scale? lol. love those og ventures the

circacheese says:

Lol so my mother is a drug dealer… cool.

marc67856 says:

I have that deck in blue

Brian Ealy says:

Update guys… I sent a message and link to this company about this video. They did not respond. Just gotta say that the band wagoners that are saying these are heavy…. Send me your video. Like to see what you got, But they do grind down much quicker. Would be awesome for new skaters, ex specially with bushing replacements like doh Dohs or thunder.

daniel santos says:

what the size of your board? the venture trucks is 139mm?

Carlos_ sk8s says:

Core trucks were my first pair I had and I hated them. I was riding one day and the wheel flew off and I ate shit.

Skate Girl says:

Na venture is not in trouble, this looks like an attempt at copying. Venture is the original, let’s bring some light and versatile trucks to the market. :0) Entertaining vid.

bob Marley says:

Cores our good deerrrr

Blu Eyez says:

fake^ee poserrrrrr

Matt Jones says:

Bad religion in the intro!

Blu Eyez says:

I’m sorry I’m 12 years old and I’m calling someone a poser but I hate that saying hope you can forgive me

etienne palos says:

Last setupI had was with these ventures!!!

Blu Eyez says:

I actually liked the vid

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