Skateboard Review: 2012 Bustin Boards Yoface
Bustin Boards is a well-respected longboard company headquartered in New York City. Their Yoface deck, released in 2012, is their first attempt at a pool/tech-slide board, shaped after a traditional street board design. Having more than 20 years of skateboarding experience, Vision offers his opinion of the deck at various skateparks around Los Angeles. World Champion pool skater Julie Kindstrand also takes a few runs on the board and shares her thoughts on the shape and design of the deck. Remember, THIS BOARD MAKES YOU SKATE LIKE CHRISTIAN HOSOI. For more information on the Bustin Boards Yoface, check out


Chewbacca121314 says:

best review ive ever seen

Irildrya says:

What bushings are you using on your trackers (yoface’s) ? Some double cones ?

zach gomez says:

If my height is 4’11 what size board should I get?

Matt Doyle says:

It doesnt break anywhere close to as fast as street decks.

Connor McEwen says:

Is that a 32″ or 35″ deck?

Owen Stephens says:

But can you tre flip it?

Mrk 24 says:

Is your nipple okay 00:23

Isaac Blank says:

I’m around 5’10 and i was wondering what size Board i should get. I was thinking about a 39 but this is my first board so I don’t know. I want to cruise with my friends and also do tricks. Please help because i’m thinking about getting it soon. Good reviews from you guys!

Cory Livingston says:

it’s 7 plies of maple…

Lego Builder says:

What is the reason for you to pick tracker trucks? Are they lighter than indy’s? How heavy is the bustin board compared to the santa monica airlines? Actually am ridding a powell caballero mechanical dragon reissue, indy trucks 169’s, china reds and santa cruz big balls 97 a 65mm. It is a heavy set up. Any comment to this? Than you!

Leon says:

This was made 2012?? 😮 I am glad to see that actually because that make this board even better since the design is the same for 2014. Just proves how great this design and board is. Its sold out almost everywhere and sold out fast too. 

This review was the best hands down! It gives so much information other than only skating video. You are the best and just got an subscriber! Getting a review from a guy with 20 years experience and still skate is amazing. Thank you so much for this video. Totally sold the board too me as I have been looking at Loaded kanthaka, Landyachtz Loco 35 and Arbor shakedown 36. This is the original board and turns out to be the best too.

antsugi says:

then treat your boards with a bit of respect. a deck like this most likely isn’t for what you think. It’s made to be a pool board or tech slider. It’s just a bonus that it works for pretty much anything. Unless you’re boardsliding down 20 stairs you’re probably just not treating your boards properly. And most likely you shouldn’t use this board anyway

Chris E says:

I think “Bustin YoFace” means something a little different than what youre thinking… I don’t think Bustin meant literally “busting your face”..think they meant it in the more perverted and raw sense of “busting in your face”, lol..look at that splatter paint backround behind “YoFace”…this is all speculation of course

Bobby Parson says:

This is a old tread so i am hoping you still will respond, does hieght matter on wheel base ? I am 5’9

Keegan O'Connell says:

it really does

Muskky says:

ok thanks

Goh Longboard for Christ says:

Can u compare it to the loco from landyachtz.

SkateboardCalifornia says:

Exactly. Downhill/freeride boards have had wheelwells for a long time. Bustin was the first company to have the foresight to put wheelwells on pool/street boards. No one had done that before them.

SkateboardCalifornia says:

You can use any enamel spraypaint.

Dustin Bell says:

That looks a little long for any street skating

Muskky says:

What paint do you use for grip because I need to repaint mine.

Benflaton says:

And i just have normal trucks can i have them on it

chris yap zu yu says:

U should learn and make a vid on either air or some simple grinds

SkateboardCalifornia says:

I use Tracker 161 trucks. The top busing is a stock Tracker bushing and the bottom bushing is a Bones medium in back and soft in front. I run the bushings this way because two Bones bushings make the trucks turn too easy and I get speed wobbles. Two of the Tracker bushings make the trucks too stiff. So, I find combining one Bones and one Tracker works best for me.

Marcus Allison says:

I’ve enjoyed your review. Maybe you could offer some advice. I’m primarily a cruiser and a tick-tacker. Would this be a good deck to do just that?

Tim Carter says:

Great great great review. it was great too. I hope to see more like it.

grillagabe1 says:

I love this board but i hate the griptape so i regripped mine

Isaac Ziegler says:

what trucks do you have on the dead piranha?

Twist0fhate says:

If u like this, try the Loaded Kanthaka. It is very expensive but u get what u pay for.

VinylScratch37 says:

Just that you know: bustin didn’t invent the wheel well thingy… It’s been used in the longboard market for quite a while, and almost every downhill/freeride board after 2009 has it^^

Ronold Davis says:

At 40 it wobbles

Mitchell Long says:

Yoface is a coo name

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