Ricta Clouds Skateboard wheel review

Ricta Clouds Skateboard wheel review


Sam Kelly says:

Just coppd them in clear…. Arriving tomorrow


Really good video!

3 Day Work Week says:

I love these wheels!! The only ones I use!!! Good job!!!!!!

Elongated Muskrat says:

ricta clouds vs super juice?

Vladislav Serenko says:

Thx for a review man, definitely going to try them. Im thinking to purchase a 92a 54mm version.

code_0101100101010011 says:

Awesome comprehensive review. Thank you! 🙂

sk8tillyoudie 83 says:

I got the 92a and they are garbage I flatspotted all fpur wheels in one powerslide on concrete not asphalt and they are so fucking slow it’s insane, I have some 80a bones that are fast as hell and smooth but these clouds are the worst wheels I have ever ridden hands down at least the 92a are.

Eric Andre Corona says:

I agree dude if ricta made the slix version in a softer wheel version itd be sick….with the slix u dont have to think about grinding or worry about sticking….i bought spitfire wheels after experiencing the slix before this deck setup and i would go to try a bs smith ,bs suski or bs salad and i couldnt quite get em like i used to dude it was like learning how to walk again but with uncomfortable shoes plus if i hadnt bought the slix i wouldnt had tried to learn those tricks in the first place 😉 good looks on the video though

PhantHam says:

I skate on spitfire bigheads. There 54mm and 99a. I live where my roads are kind ruff and i would like to cruise and do tricks and even powerslide. My feet rumble to where its annoying and bothersome. Im not sure if i should skate get these wheels or more to get use to the rumble

muldvarp says:

are those bear trucks you are skating? if so how do you like them

Isma Garcia says:

What about 86a and 92a clouds?

tom thomas says:

great vid, i used to have 90a ratbones back in the day and still slide them but they were too wide, im getting some of these wheels, the 78a 54mm as where i live is all rough surfaces, cant wait 2 try em out

Alix Croll says:

This was really helpful 🙂 the streets where I live are extremely rough – I’m thinking 54mm 78a for cruising and basic flat ground tricks…do you think these will do the trick or should I go bigger/softer?

Mac Baise says:

Dude that’s riot, I go there almost every day, it’s sick that we live relatively close

Miguel Maravilla says:

Have you tried the 92as? I assume their better for street than the 78as.

ran dori says:

Nice vid, where’s this park?

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