ReVive Skateboards STOMP Test!

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Here’s a video you probably didn’t see coming. We put our wood to the test and tried to stomp a brand new deck … this is the outcome. Hope you dig it! We shopped around for the best wood for our decks and wouldn’t promote anything we didn’t believe in. Videos everyday so stay tuned!


r3dph0n3 says:

does Revive offer a warranty???… you break it they replace it

How to do Things says:

I’ll give it to you guys, they’re durable but the paint on the bottom scrapes off so easy, every youtuber I’ve seen that bought one ruined the bottom in less than a week.

Chris Camarema says:

i tried that with my brand new revive skateboard the bottom of the board hit the floor and cracked 1 layer but still intact.

luca.b says:

revive decks are hard to break everywhere other than the tail and nose they snap pretty easy

Samuel L. Jackson says:

well idk how true this test is because i just snaped my board on a shuv it. two days thats how long i had the board so ya

Tammy Copeland says:


Henry Gee says:

My friend stomped his revive deck in half

Samuel Tan says:

guys i think he was using a go pro so it is a wide lens fish eye view which is why the board looked bent

Micxd13 g says:

what wood did you use for your decks

nathan Bain says:

This video was faker than Jackson 5 noses

jcon681 says:

i beliv u

Minecrafter International says:

You should make a skate board line that has a lot of concave like 4 times as much as usual and also produce it in like 6.5 in.

The Guy Who Commented On This Video says:

Are Enjois good?

Dylan Rass says:

you can clearly stomp them if you try hard enough, i only bought one that snapped pretty quick lol

Joe BanRad says:


it's lit says:

Looks so fake it looks real.

Ayet Rongalirios says:

Why are you wasting your new skateboard

Mansur estes says:

jeeeesus!!! wtf!

Sam Winstead says:

Wait. He said that they had never been skated before then right after he said that he skated on them for a little bit….

Joseph Moran says:

Hey great video guys It would be great if you guys can do a giveaway to ur subscribers

Nigger says:

I wanna try stomping my deathwish board but I’m scared it’ll break

Natalie Garcia says:

Can you make revive penny board

Cristan Haliburton says:

I bought a dark star board from wal mart

TotallyNotAnAlien says:

Looks like they are stomping the ground. Revive boards must be secretly metal under O_o

Jeffrey Hernandez says:

What board is better ReVive or Zero

Mustang Skate says:

for everyone who thinks they faked it i have got mad stomped the board and for that i got a jacked up ankle so these things strong af

John Monck says:

Casey didn’t stomp it

Dream Cat says:

Rip target board 2015-2017

Brandon Irving says:

After skating a board for a little while they still will snap like any others

Yatin Mondkar says:

Does the durability/rigidity of the board affect the ability to do tricks with the board? I’m asking this as a non-skater. Does the give of a board, its elasticity, facilitate greater capability to perform tricks?

ashupashu says:

Walmart skateboard vs toys r us skateboard vs target board

Bridgit Doro says:

haha lol pickle fisheye standard standard shape

Paul Wild says:

you lie

Yogee Bear says:

Mine broke within the first two hours of use. So yeah I’ll give revive a try again.

OH Clan says:

I love you Andy

finkakes12 says:

One time I cracked a target board’s wheel while doing an ollie

George says:

Why you destroy give me 1 skateboard if you destroy please i want very much

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