The long awaited video is finally here! I give my thoughts about revive skateboard decks. Honestly this deck was pretty good. There is nothing special about it but it will last you awhile. The only bad thing I have to say about it is that it was slightly heavier than normal. Otherwise than that I liked it and I am most likely going to buy another in the future! Please share this video with your friends, like it, leave a comment, and SUBSCRIBE! It helps out a lot! Thank so much and I hope this answers your questions about the skateboards.

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Ben Moor says:

bought a revive deck two weeks ago,thought it a tad heavy but initially very nice. I’m not over heavy,10 stone and the tail very oddly split last night on a flatground kickflip,dissatisfied customer big time.

Kubicki 420 says:

+frickyfreshboy maybe the geaphics

Yumin Kim says:

nice review…. helped me a lot!

WhyDaniel? says:

buying a Space Lifeline deck.Thanks for the honest review man!

Sully12327 says:

thanks for the review you gave a real good opinion i think my next deck will be a revive

Austin Smith says:

It might differ by board, but I tried a Revive about half a year ago and I found mine to be far lighter than any other board that I’ve tried. Nice review tho!

Dylan Comprosky says:

Hey dude I was wondering if you were sponsored

Nathan Izzo says:

What kind of shoes are those? They look pretty cool.

Joey Ilog says:

You should try Willy’s Workshop boards


is it just me, or are all of revives customers spoiled rich kids…

Reyder homsS says:

7:13 LOL the fucking kid!! xD

Landon Pelley says:

I just bought a deck from them, always supported the company almost religiously
Great video!

diregremo says:

It doesn’t scratch to color because it is heat transfer, and not silk screen. They’re made cheap.

Black One Skater says:

Beautiful Viedo would be glad if you look at my thank you times channel passing out in front

Philip Kim says:

Wtf they unsubscribed me to you

Alex Giroud says:

nvm my last comment starting to love this board

Armando Padildoh says:

Wow ur a great skater keep it up man and u could get sponsored

Ally Wong says:

What decks do you use normally (average deck)?

capnslufox says:

awesome review. like that strawberry milkshake

Carmleo Entheny says:

That kid destroyed you


It’s awesome!

Dusty lu says:

I don’t like revive boards, the concave is really weird

ethan armijo says:

The deck itself I thought was a tad bit heavier but with that being said it is the price that you pay for a solid deck. because revive decks are solid af.

Ja Ja says:

When you say how much it lasted what do you mean? Are you saying how long did it take for it to brake or?

Kate Marie says:

Luckily some kids let me skate their revive for a minute at a park. I hated the concave (or lack there of) but that’s just personal preferences

Moto Man says:

There are very few skateboard manufacturers in the world and the ones that do make professional decks are all made almost identical and buy the wood and glues from the same manufacturers.  Wood is imperfect, you will find differences between decks that are from the same tree and same batch of glue is used and the same press can be completely different.

Blake Parker says:

i have a revive deck right now they are so sick

Nissan 180sx Type X Rocket Bunny says:

i like steep concave because my tail has more time to pop and i can do higher tricks

jose ramirez says:

Razor tail on that thing is a square haha

Kyle Sorrells says:

i did think this review was really good but one point id argue is that the deck is heavy i actually found it very lightweight compared to my other decks

Zesty Sauze says:

Maple wood is heavy, yeah

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