“REAL” skateboard review!

This was a great deck. I will miss it. In depth review with lots of skating.


Kris swier says:

Killer skating! I have a couple of deluxe Krooked 8.38 full shaped boards and i love them. I think Mystery decks should get your review. They came back and i believe that they are made in the usa.. They also have a good variety of sizes that no other company offers for each of their decks.

Graff52 says:

Hellova sesh man! Nice crispy tricks : ) i live in NY and we have like 3 feet of snow. I just fell back in love witb skating again after watching you and braille and I CANT SKATE right now!!! Lol its really killing me. I stopped skating for a few years, now i cant believe i ever lost interest.

Manuel Marzolla says:

They are full se (Short edition)

I bought the 8.38 full se, so far best shape ever ridden.

Love your videos and much love from Italy.

Carlos Nunez says:

Baker 8.475 next please

sill gorilla says:

Great review! Have you ever tried mini logo decks? Also have you tried a deck with a symmetric tail and nose?

My Knees Hurt says:

Deluxe is the ‘parent’ company for many other companies? It would be cool to know what other ‘parent’ companies there are and what their sub brands are. Also, it would be cool to know what companies are using what company to press their boards. (American made vs over seas made), etc.
Great video, as always!

Thatrandomguy567 says:

Do a blank board review just for fun

David Lee Ashkenazi says:

Happy New Year! Great review – do Baker next 🙂

ignorethesewords says:

Is Ted still skating?

Joseph Lozano says:

Can you check out blankdecks.com? I know I should support local shops, but for some of us we have nothing near. In my case local shop closed down before I even started skating. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the multiple Zumiez and Vans stores put them out of business.

Jay Dilla says:

Great review my friend and the old school vans look sick in that color! I just went from 8.25 back to good old 8” decks and it feels so much better! Happy new year!!

ErosV says:

your skating looks really good and smooth in this video, very pleasing to watch <3

John Macedo says:

Great job out there Ben! For your next review you should try a DoomSayers deck.

Emmanuel says:

Have you tried the “low pro 2” decks from REAL? It is a more concave design, a bit larger in the middle compared to a classical popsicle shape, and they claim that your center of gravity is lower for better control. I have one, but I’m not enough experimented to feel a real difference :/

Tyrone Davenport says:

DLX is the best. Kayo makes great boards as well. Nice review!

nath tomlinson says:

Super phat flips over the saw bench!

James Tiglao says:

Let’s go skate one day bro!

Rudi Warren says:

great vid and great skating, from london

jake schleifer says:

Is no one gunna talk about that noseslide nollie heel out at 3:48? Killin it Ben!

jim jim says:

Thanks for the vids u make, u have a good attitude and seem genuine. I know they are different hardness but I would like to know if u prefer your formula 4 spitfire 101’s over your bones STF v3 and why you feel that way? Thanks again and looking forward to watching more of your vids.

Felix Green says:

Could you maybe try Antihero next?

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