Real Popslickle Skateboard Review Active warehouse employee & all around skateboard shredder Brian Servellon takes a Real Popslickle skateboard deck for a ride and gives us his thoughts!


lakersrunthenba says:

Where can u get it?????

Anthony Steffens says:

hit he used to work at zumies by me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! active shop decks are crap ;/ i just bought one a week ago i guess the glue wasnt set right and my layers are freaking peeling man.

eatshrapnle says:

nigga you gay.

YungKaneki says:

Is an 8.25 wider than a 8.5?

LookatthatSH1T says:

Dat front board.

BlackLusterDragon9 says:

Whats the song name?

eddie59874 says:

Shout Out to my homies Kyle Mullins,Brandon”BJ”Alvarez, and Tyler Vicario

Matthew Clemons says:

Need griptape? Check out my channel for a contest!

Adrieen Martinez says:

B) hammers and straight killed it,
I’m backing it hell yeah Brian

Luke Conroy says:

8.06 is .06 inches bigger than an 8 so yes probabl.y

sebastien lubin says:

i got one

Es Coba says:

can’t find this board anywhere, will these be restocked on the site?

Julian Scigliano says:

thumbs up for jessup

ramayomama says:

dude is ripping hard!

waltabeast says:

Does Brian skate for Active now ???

Gunnar Ellis says:

I can’t wait to get this board!!!! I am just now learning board slides and this will help alot hopefully!

Jose Ramirez says:

I got this board today 🙂

Ralphie Nieves says:

no noseslide marks lol nobody likes noseslides anyways

Jack0 26 says:


LookatthatSH1T says:

Pleeeeaasse tell me the song, Active.

laganty Olamli says:

Can you send this to Holland???

staaaaaaaaaaaaay says:


Alex Balazs says:

so u skate it for a day and its the best deck ever! yh thats so legit!

Brandon Hughes says:

Or I can just dip my board in butter. That should work just fine

Henry831film says:

dude looks like a homosexual..

Zac Gibson says:

What venture trucks size are they ?

Zac Gibson says:

when can you get more ordered in

calsurf93 says:

This guy skates and looks like Figgy haha.

Ken Ang says:

real is the shittiest brand ive ever skated lmao i wasted 62 dollars on it

GrizzlySkater234 says:

that deck is so fuckin sick i want it but its an 8

Milo Andretti says:

i want one!

Jj Warne says:

To be fair, how long you skated it is probably down to how long the pop lasted, for all we know you could drag your tail hell loads, don’t hate on a board man.. if someone likes it they should get it… and for that bunch of rocks in it statement, how the fuck did it feel like that? were you on crack or something

Robin Tea says:

@hairydog007 its not wax, its called a pooper scooper and it comes with the real pop slickle board. it takes off excessive wax, dirt, etc.

Luis Herrera says:

real skateboard decks are serioussly the best

Juan Napoles says:

it says 8.25 on it

Patrick says:

Sick skating dude

Benj Trogdon says:

What size were those Ventures on that deck?

GrizzlySkater234 says:

never mind i found it in 7.75

Adam Friedman says:

what size is that??

Anthony St. Pierre says:

real all the way.

Ross Helbert says:

That deck is sick

christoffer lerche says:

YES. its an awesome board.

Zoë Lkjsdhf says:

yeah but he wore off half the slick stuff down to the wood just in a days ride.

GrizzlySkater234 says:


Gucci Mane says:

ofcourse not

Jer Wootton says:

And not a single noseslide was done that day.

Kyle says:

that parks like 5 min away

Robin Tea says:

this boards alright, lasted me a good month.

skaterhude says:

I want that board!!!

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