Real Full SE Skateboard Review

If you have ever wondered what a Full SE is like look no further!


Vince amir says:

Really good lines!!!! And just a question is Ted Degros a family members of yours? I just saw for the first time is part in a old Alien Workshop video and it was really good!!! And you grow so much as a reviewer since your beginning, you’re just better and better continue your good works.

need more reps says:

i was already to ask you about that perimeter deck, i saw it in a few earlier clips. I love to get one of those, as i am still 5´8″, but on their webside, they say the 8.06 have a 14.44 wheelbase. That didn´t make sense to me, must be a mistake. Used to ride a lot of real decks in 93-94 when i learned all the flip tricks, now i have to do it all over again, almost. What size is the tail on this one? Thanx for the review i order one of those Full SE on Monday.

Felox 02 says:

nice video

propa ganda says:

Really nice review, i skated 7.5/6/7 alot, cause i’m old (XD) and the trend for wide boards for street i don’t understand well, specially if you don’t jump gaps. I thought that wide boards were for park, someone can tell me, why enjoys wide decks for flat tricks and grind tricks?

Myron Thomas says:

You ever try the twin tail real board

Jonas Conrad says:

Nice, smooth style

Julien M says:

I also recently switched to a 14inch wheelbase and like it a lot. I feel I have more control and, somewhat counterintuitively, better balance..

Sam Waarsenburg says:

Hey ben i just got the best idea ever do a vid called nostalgia skating do that with your mates from back in the day dress you like is was then and do tricks on spots you skated when you were younger

Robert Conway says:

raining here too in england , your videos are the best man keep up the good work!

Freddy T says:

I’d like to hear your opinion on this: So im a taller/heavier guy (193cm/90kg), which means that the board flex alot. Just standing in a ollie position, and the middle and tail will flex like mad. I’ve always looked at it as a benefit. Like it would have some sort of spring effect. What do you think?

mileses says:

that nollie fs flip….. on demand

The Boye says:

14” wheelbase is probably the best, feel like every trick gets easier. came from a polar with a 14.75″ to a poetic deck with a 14″ wheelbase (might even be a tiny bit smaller) especially treflips as you mention feels good. Great review!

2d skateboarding says:

Please man make a video about dgk skateboard

Gul Telefon says:

Nice spot for night ))) (at the start)

Jhrist G says:

Love your videos man. You should turn on ads, you deserve getting some money from your videos, there quality!

Lullaby says:

just wondering, do any of your children skate?

dark southpaw says:

what boards do u like skating in combination with thunders? what wheelbase?

FuzzyDancingBear says:


littlenooby says:

flat is justice

Netherworld Artifacts says:

Ever consider doing some true mad science and setup a board with two different trucks on it? How bad, weird, or possibly advantageous
could it be to have one Indy and one thunder or venture with similar axle / height if possible?

Exile says:

The skate clips were some of the best I’ve seen from you Ben!

Chris Frantz says:

Great review! Awesome manuals. I definitely plan on trying one of these, even though I also prefer steep concave. Thanks for the video!

Manuel Caraveo says:

Thx for the upload. Good review. I use to ride a smaller wheelbase when I was in my teens and man, my pops were way higher. Turn on your ADS next time Benihana.

makrospex says:

Thanks for that review! I skate a Justin Brock Deck atm, which is also a shorter 14″ wheelbase, 31,45″ long Deck by Real, but the Tail is steeper than the Full SE, a little steeper than the Flight Deck’s Kick, which is also flat but its Concave is too mellow for my Taste. I will sure have my Hands (and Feet) on a Full SE next time.

The Faded Line says:

You should review a Baker b2 board with the steep concave

frostshock13 says:

I was honestly going to message you for a deck suggestion, but this video pretty much shows this deck is what I was looking for. I still wanna know how you get those nollie inwards crispy.

Anthony Tran says:

nollie inward heel and hard flip off the bump were so nice!

Jeff Ladrillono says:

If you like that Real SE, you’d probably like the Primitive 8.25 shape. I was skating that Primitive shape for like 5 months, before I went up to 8.5, specifically because it had a 14” wheelbase. 360 flips were on autopilot. Same woodshop as deluxe so it’s that good BBS wood.

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