Program Skateboard Review

This is my first time riding a “full” shape with a squarish nose. It’s also my first time riding a program deck.


brian ambs says:

Looks like a steezy deck

Those Vegan Aussie Blokes says:

Awesome review as always! How was this board on ledges and rails? I’m looking for a comfortable board like this for said application.

Pete & Pete says:

Dare you to do a welcome review….

Brenton Bolderoff says:

Do you skate with one truck looser than the other?

brian ambs says:

Can you do a steezy front krook in the next video

cornellbobby says:

You just missed a 20% off for Could’ve had that Flight deck.


“Fingers of flat is where it’s at”

Exavier Hernandez says:


will fill says:

stoked on this ! thanks Ben

trope says:

Rip x

Tyler Hamlin says:

loved it. I see you are getting some Revive attention over here. Have you though about reviewing Revive or # Block decks? Id like to see that, and also Magenta. Keep it up dude.

Dustin Stoner says:

New extro: soooooo…Holla Back Youngin!! Get Buck Buck Buck. And go Huck Huck Huck, with some Luck Luck Luck, you won’t get broke the you know what Canucks… And you know I meant worldwide!!!!

Jordan O'Meara says:

I kinda like the big square nose.

Jan Peeters says:

0:53 some nyjah free’s!! Cant wait for your review ben! 😀 Also great review as always, looks like a decent shape but I’d like it with a longer tail and a really little bit longer to where it starts going up and the nose a bit shorter with like a little less space to when it starts going up. Looks like a good quality board tho

feriruzu says:

Program is owned by Michael Sieben who also does all the artwork. They actually listed that deck as an 8.3 if I remember correctly. Deck widths are all off these days! Oh and please, never ever touch anything by Revive!

Review Ricta!

Just Another PotHead says:

What about krooked boards? Would like to see a review on one sometime. Loving the content you provide!

Junry Calvo says:

Hi Ben, Nice review on the wish we could have many boards to choose from here in Philippines. Most of the skateshops here have mainly Baker and Deathwish.

Anyways I wasn’t able to skate for 3 weeks now cuz of this plantar fadciitis. Its getting better now and the only thing that is troubling my is my heel bone area having pain. I wanted to know how did you manage to heal your heel. Since I saw one of your vids that your heel was hurting so bad.

Metaldude X says:

Does there exist a good “jack of all trades” board or anything close to that?

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