Primitive Skateboards Review + Skating

Primitive Skateboard deck review that you guys have been waiting for with some skating I did with this board! Like, comment, and subscribe! Thanks yo!

I sound dumb af in this video lol

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Saddest Video Ever (Try Not To Cry Challenge) Reaction:

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What should I try next? Any video ideas?

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Teea Baag says:

Try a blind deck

LivingMyDream242 says:

Awesome video

Chris Sark says:

You should do a review on a impact board I was always curious on them!!!!

Anthony Burgard says:

you should cop a pair of the cons ctas and do a review on them. I’m skating a pair of regular Chuck Taylors rn so make sure to get the suede ones

Immanuel Roach says:

try a FA board ippei and start doing crazy grip jobs

Luke Wilson says:

You could get all your old shoes together and rank them in favourite to least favourite and why

Lino Hernandez says:

ride a cliche

Owen Christopher says:

Do a review on a FA or hockey board @owen._christopher

JonnyBPskatevids says:

here is a big question . there are 2 pills. Blue pill: learn every trick in the world . OR Red pill:skate every spot in the world

Lino Hernandez says:

ride a cliche

WUSuutari says:

Dude you should try magenta! They have the best concave!

ahmed hamid says:

cliche bro would love that

Joey Gale says:

walmart board review

FunkieJunkys says:

Try a planB deck please

Bernard Tan says:

Do a review on ricta wheels bro. The slicks

Eli Hodges says:

how about skating abnormal spots Like some place that people wouldnt really skate

brian ambs says:

Can you still Ollie steezy change sex

Jason skates says:

try a chance skatboard

Tavian Ord says:

Do you think the primitive decks are worth it for how much they cost?

vutny chan says:

Revive board review

Og lil Nut says:


Notahero121 says:

Try a flat concave board from the dwindle distribution bro and what trucks and wheels do you use cause I know I will never switch wheels Formula 4 all day Conical Full 101a

Angel Hernandez says:

should i get a primitive deck?

Dj k says:

What size do you ride

Ayee Miggi says:

A review of Romeros or figgys shoes

Victoria Bashore says:

Do a review for your Welcome board

Jason skates says:

watch my skate vids guys

KING Logic says:

do a review on a SOVRN skateboard

Lil Rump Films says:

Hey man! You should do a wear test/ review on some lakai shoes! My instagram is @austinroempke

ZACK skate13 says:

my deck just snapped tday

Brandon Irving says:

I recommend trying either a revive board or an almost board

I_bombhills says:

they are like bouncy asf or the one my cousin has he has the cheech and chong tho so maybe its different

yuuki kato says:


Gareth Freeman says:

Try almost impact deck

Fixie Rider says:

Shout me out I was first please at _diego_skates_09

Jared Villarino says:

You should try out the chocolate bigboy 9″ deck. I’ve been really interested in trying one but idk yet


you should review your wheels that were in this video my insta is : jamez.dh

PadreBo says:

Try to skate in dress shoes

Dylan Murphy says:

where in cbad do you live? i live in san marcos by the high school

Fixie Rider says:


Andrew Banegas says:

try es shoes plz @andrew.banegas

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