PRIMITIVE SKATEBOARD DECK & MOB GRIPTAPE REVIEW! | Honest Skateboard Deck Reviews 2017 (Primitive)

Primitive skateboard deck & Mob griptape wear test, review, & skate clips!

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My name is Chris Frantz. I’m a skateboarder who strives to spread positivity and motivate others. I post videos of my progression in skateboarding and honest, in-depth skate product reviews and trick tips. My goal is to show the importance of doing what you love and having fun and to help fellow skaters.

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rroollfallen says:

I also think it flips easily which I like! i also like the weight of it & I actually like the shape of the nose for nollie tricks! I always feel the same with ollies no matter the board but thats just me. I agree that sometimes chips a little fast and the foil comes off quickly! Maybe if you get a normal 8.3 with no foil, you might like it better! Good review! I am wondering If I will get a new board soon, cheers

Jennifer Walker says:

Ur so cool bro I wanna skate with u

WhiskeyOG sk8ters says:

I’ve never skated primitive but I have a couple hanging on the wall…great info..good content bro!!

zStokedNick says:

Good reviews dude! How come you go through boards so quickly!?

Matt Jones says:

Ive never had a Primitive board, but Ive looked at one and wasnt too keen on the shape. If you ever want to try a different brand, I would recommend a Black Label, Anti-Hero, or Lifeblood. Ive had all three, and they are definitely the best Ive had.

progress skateboarding says:

regarding the grip, there is this new mob grip formula called m80 and it is a little bit of a lichter grit. and definately mob m80 is my go to now.

alex d says:

i just switched my deck from a primitive to an almost board and the primitive chipped sooo bad quickly. like the nose literally was starting to split in the middle layers after like 7-10 times skating it.

Toaster Burns says:


Paul Taylor says:

So sick man!

O-K says:

Thx for the review, especially the mob grip. Cheers!

Joma Cruz says:

primitive chips too easily

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