Numbers Skateboard Deck Review!! (8.3)

In this review, I give my honest thoughts on a Numbers Miles Silvas skateboard deck (8.3)

My name is Chris Frantz. My goal is to make it easier for you to select skateboarding products and get your setup the way you want it. That’s why I upload lots of products reviews and setup guides/advice.

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My filming equipment:
– Canon 60D:
– Yongnuo YN300 Air:

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NoahDeWaffle • says:

Could you review a Real board soon? I’m gonna pick one up soon, I want to know what I’m getting into. Thanks!

VLSkate says:

damn boy! sw front shove was sweet

Carter Wilson says:

1st comment! Keep up the great vids chris

Robert Levesque says:

Thanks for letting me know. I love your reviews it helps big time. I wont buy numbers board. Thanks love your channel

naswinney says:

I tried grizzly for the first time about a month ago. And it’s waayyyyy too grippy imo. A month later and it is STILL overly grippy and tricks shoot out in front. Gonna downgrade to Jessup or mob m80. Can’t find anything for m80 reviews tho 🙁

sad hvacman says:

Those clips were tight dude.

rroollfallen says:

Nice review as always! I hate when new boards chip like that! That inpossible down the ramp and the sw front sove down the stairs were fire!

Paul Taylor says:

Nice video man but spellcheck the title haha!

Manuel Marzolla says:

Great as always. Your clips are awesome!

Much love from Italy ❤️

NastyBoy says:

Nice review! Been skating too much Reals so I’m too worried to go back to baker or deathwish luv the blunt shape. Cool dog dawg!!

Sill Gorilla skates says:

Good review.. I’m always scared to try new decks cuz I don’t go through them as fast.. I get like 3 a year..

Gunner Mathew Hine says:

Please review revive decks or Santa Cruz

kaneki storm says:

Try wee mans board company next

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