New Skateboard Review (HD)

New Skateboard For My Birthday!

Wreckless Skate Shop :


Soapy Bee says:

Gis a trick ya wanker

Jesus Christ says:

why does everyone say the wheels are backwards??? you put it like that so you wear out the other side without the design first. -_-

Skateboardingdreams314 says:

I think its your turn bro….. Or did i hurt your feelings?

Skateboardingdreams314 says:

Dude I don’t even know or care who this kid is and i think his setup is dope, your the one that’s retarded independent has been in the game for so long they have some sick skaters on their team Eric Koston,Wes Kremer,Luan Olivera,JAWS so that tells you they don’t suck. And so fucking what if he has colored wheels at least they match the board. You obviously don’t know shit about product and the names behind them so you need to get off your high horse and quit knocking on everyones elses shit

Joe Lynch says:

your wheels are the wrong way round?

MIJ Magical says:

u call this HD

Skateboardingdreams314 says:

Such a sick set up yo! i had the same exact board and i loved it, hope you had the same experience!

Yo Mama says:

Those are not STF they are bones 100’s

Skateboardingdreams314 says:

Go be stupid some place else

Mark Milan says:

Happy B-day

Josh Rodriguez says:


Skateboardingdreams314 says:

Im on that train with you bro! THUNDER FOR LIFE!

Skyee says:

hey, im looking to buy this

as you must have skated , how long does it last?? do you reccomend ?

Devlin Grady says:

nice board my birthday is on April the 24  

LiamF8699 says:

Lol the wheels are on the wrong way

gord galaxy says:

Happy birthday

Morgan Connell says:

Nice bike in the background. Love the pink man

wes says:

i got the same wheels 53 mm

Skateboardingdreams314 says:

Sorry for the misspelling…vits just that people like you make me mad 🙂

Brittney Roberson says:

omg we have the same b day date. HOw old are you? (;

Skateboardingdreams314 says:

HAH! I like how you think im “15” im 16 about to turn 17 and you dot think i have anything better to do? i have so much to do besides deal with bitch ass pussys who get a kick by talking shit on YOUTUBE! lasttime i checked thats being a pussy,to bad you dont live in my state so you could talk all this shit to my face…. but you have “big people stuff” to do….. Please

Skateboardingdreams314 says:

And what videos do you have to prove these “Big Stair Sets”? ohh yeahh NONE! I saw you only have 1 video of you drifting cars on a VIDEO GAME… your a pussy!

amcanın oğlu says:

my birth day is on 28th september

Yan Ting Li says:

i like the wheel man

Tristen Richard says:

Nice board

Skateboardingdreams314 says:

Haha ok then be the bigger person and quit responding of you have all these “Big People” things to be ding… your obviously not doing shit if you have the time to get your lazy ass on the computer and try to talk more shit… im done with you i think ive made you look like the idiot you are so i guess ill be the bigger person… just know yout=r still a bitch ass little pussy

Gracious Muir says:

i have those wheels there on backwards in this video

Jeyson Abdias says:

This nigga don kno

ster says:

My birthday is the 28th 😀

Golden Skates says:

A lot of skaters like it like that if you watch my setup vids for pros they do that a lot.

The Juggernaut says:

Like i reeeaally give a fuck what you think..especially when i dont even skate now, and probably wasnt even skating when i posted that comment. just felt like shit talking cause i was bored. and i dont have videos because i have big people things to do now. so you actually think that im going to care if some 15 year old skater fag from youtube calls me a pussy? please

The Juggernaut says:

lol i guess youve never heard of things called smartphones and days off whenever you want, when owning your own business.and if you get shits and giggles out of calling me “a bitch ass little pussy” then so be it, because i find it pretty funny how but hurt your getting over me trash talking a skateboard review. and whats even more funny is im doing this while making money even though im taking the day off. you on the other hand are probably at home thinking your a badass by skipping school

charlie fowler says:


Flux says:

That’s pretty dope

Vansless :3 says:

So many pink in video! 😀

The Juggernaut says:

that makes no sense?

Alex Torres says:


Brittney Robertson says:

Ha I have the same wheels …thy are rad

Sean Juan says:

Those aren’t stuffs they are 100’s

Alias Romero says:


Masson Shaw says:

Awesome skateboard

Alexis Pere says:


Jann Hernandez says:

I have those same wheels nice

Skateboardingdreams314 says:

It makes sense your just a dumbass

Dylan Hedger says:

Nice review dude. I had independent trucks on my first board. Totally solid trucks but they are pretty heavy for what I like to do. You’ll be happy with them though, they are from a solid brand. Come to my channel to check out my reviews and other skateboarding videos that I make. Keep posting man.

The Juggernaut says:

lol like i said. i have big people things to be doing so i do not the slightest bit mind retracting myself from this video.

Celine Walters says:

my b day is the 1st of april

Billy Sean says:

nice setup… even though this is a late reply to what was posted like almost 3 years ago lol… and people who are complaining about this being a stupid set up are probably kids who have there parents buy everything for them anyways 😛

Tyler Slack says:

27 august

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